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Read the upgrade notes for important info about this release and see the full list of issues resolved.


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Focus on stability

When Confluence becomes mission critical in your organisation, stability is essential. We've been focusing our efforts over the last few releases on making Confluence more stable and reliable at scale.  Here's a few highlights. 

Maximum editors limit

To prevent potential performance issues, the maximum number of people who can edit a page simultaneously is now limited to 12. This means that people can't enter the editor if there are already 12 other people editing the page, and will need to wait until someone leaves.

Attachment indexing improvements

When a file is uploaded in Confluence, its text is extracted and indexed so that people can search for the content of a file, not just the filename. This is a pretty memory hungry process, and has caused out of memory errors for some customers. 

This release has some big improvements to the safeguards that prevent out of memory errors in your site. Here's the basics:  

  • If your uploaded file is 100 MB or more, Confluence will skip extracting content, and just index the filename.
  • If your uploaded file is Word, Excel, PDF or text, Confluence will only extract content up to a specific limit.
  • If the text extracted from the file is more than 1 MB, it will be searchable, but won't show as an excerpt in search results. 

Head to Configuring Attachment Size for all the details.

As we think this will have a massive impact for many customers, these improvements are already available in Confluence 6.2.3. 

More supported databases

In this release we've added support for PostgreSQL 9.6 and MySQL 5.7 databases.  We also now support the latest MySQL, PostgreSQL and Oracle JDBC drivers. 


Easier access to your work in progress

It's now even easier to get to your work in progress, so you can finish it and move on.

Access your recently worked on items from the profile menu (1), as well as from the dashboard (2). This will be particularly useful if your site uses a page as the homepage, instead of the dashboard. 



Additional languages

We've added three more languages - Estonian, Icelandic and Slovenian. Check out the languages available by default when you upgrade Confluence 6.3. 


Resolved issues

For full details of bugs fixed and suggestions resolved, head to JIRA.

(Confluence 6.3.0 was an internal release)



Get ready to upgrade

Before you upgrade, check out the Upgrade Notes for important changes in this release, then follow the usual upgrade instructions to upgrade your site.



Our wonderful customers - we love you guys!

You play an important role in making Confluence better. Thanks to everyone who participated in interviews with us, made suggestions, voted, and reported bugs!


Last modified on Aug 3, 2017

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