Confluence 4.3.5 Release Notes

18 December 2012

The Atlassian Confluence team is pleased to announce the release of Confluence 4.3.5. This release includes some nice improvements to tables and macros.

Note: Confluence 4.3.4 was an internal release and was not made publicly available.

Don't have Confluence 4.3 yet?

Take a look at the new features and other highlights in the Confluence 4.3 Release Notes.

Simplified table highlighting

We have separated the table header and highlighting options in the editor toolbar.

You can now mark a row or column as a table header, by choosing the heading row icon:  or the heading column icon:

To highlight cells with a background color, select the cells and then choose the color from the highlight menu:

Release notices

Upgrading from a previous version of Confluence should be fairly straightforward. Please read the Confluence 4.3.5 Upgrade Notes  . We strongly recommend that you back up your confluence.home directory and database before upgrading.

If your version of Confluence is earlier than 3.5.x, then you should upgrade to Confluence 3.5.x before upgrading to Confluence 4.3.x.

Updates and fixes in this release

T Key Summary P Status Resolution
Bug CONF-24035 Allow Confluence to integrate over HTTPS with remote systems secured with SSLv3 Resolved Fixed
Bug CONF-27294 Webwork direct method invocation can bypass validatingStack through Action aliases Highest Resolved Fixed
Bug CONF-27470 ORA-01795 is thrown when Scheduled Job for Workbox Notifications is run High Resolved Fixed
Bug CONF-27548 Attachment links from external sources with spaces in their filename throw 404 Medium Resolved Fixed
Bug CONF-27504 Workbox notifications are not sorted by created date when using MySQL Medium Resolved Fixed
Bug CONF-27428 The standard Confluence footer is not displayed when developing a new custom theme Medium Resolved Fixed
Bug CONF-27224 Share button default text is no longer gray, sends "Add optional note" in email if no note is added Medium Resolved Fixed
Bug CONF-27022 Likes are not imported when doing a Space export/import Medium Resolved Fixed
Bug CONF-26994 No option to 'Open' attachment Medium Resolved Fixed
Bug CONF-26993 Expand macro not working in sidebar (Documentation theme) Medium Resolved Fixed
Bug CONF-26985 captcha is broken for comments on On Demand Documentation Medium Resolved Fixed
Bug CONF-26396 Editor buttons disabled when invalid macro used Medium Resolved Fixed
Bug CONF-25296 IE8 Security Warning (Mixed Mode Prompt) When Editing a Page in SSL Medium Resolved Fixed
Bug CONF-23449 Code macro removes all leading white space till first character Medium Resolved Fixed
Bug CONF-23248 ContentPermissionConstraintsUpgradeTask fails when there is NULL in CONTENT_PERM.CPS_ID or CONTENT_PERM_SET.CONTENT_ID Medium Resolved Fixed
Bug CONF-22241 Clicking on a Thumbnail Attachment with a Code Block Macro in a page gives Script Error in IE 8 Medium Resolved Fixed
Bug CONF-27446 Missing Mentions Notifications Low Resolved Fixed
Bug CONF-27302 Twitter not working with the Widget Connector Low Resolved Fixed
Bug CONF-27255 QuickReload: pollingDelay is not reset when becoming active again Low Resolved Fixed
Bug CONF-27226 Copy-paste data-uri based images works in edit mode, fails on save Low Resolved Fixed
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