Confluence 4.3.7 Release Notes

29 January 2013

The Atlassian Confluence team is pleased to announce the release of Confluence 4.3.7, which is a bug-fix release.

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Take a look at the new features and other highlights in the Confluence 4.3 Release Notes.

Release Notices

Upgrading from a previous version of Confluence should be fairly straightforward. Please read the Confluence 4.3.7 Upgrade Notes. We strongly recommend that you back up your confluence.home directory and database before upgrading.

Updates and Fixes in this Release

T Key Summary P Status Resolution
Bug CONF-27533 Upgrade from 4.2 to 4.3.x fails when using Oracle Highest Resolved Fixed
Bug CONF-27635 Importing XML site backup from SQL Server-based or PostgreSQL-based Confluence to MySQL-based Confluence fails due to size limit for DATA column in AO_9412A1_AOREGISTRATION table Medium Resolved Fixed
Bug CONF-27526 Invalid object name 'SYS.OBJECTS' on MSSQL Medium Resolved Fixed
Bug CONF-27513 Importing XML site backup fails due to size limit for DESCRIPTION column in AO_9412A1_AONOTIFICATION table Medium Resolved Fixed
Bug CONF-25384 Error Testing LDAP Authentication: Write operations are not allowed in read-only mode (FlushMode.NEVER): Medium Resolved Fixed
Bug CONF-21575 Space Admin loads slowly for large spaces Medium Resolved Fixed
Bug CONF-15228 Upgrade task fails with Oracle when trying to create an index that already exists Medium Resolved Tracked Elsewhere
Bug CONF-28227 Bug Page is shown as changed, after another page that is linked from this page was moved to another space Low Resolved Fixed
Bug CONF-27834 OS_PROPERTYENTRY User Property Settings Lost after Upgrade to Confluence 3.5 with JIRA User Management Low Resolved Fixed
Bug CONF-27720 Dashboard page layout problem due to invalid html Low Resolved Fixed
Bug CONF-27600 Attempting to import a space backup that doesn't include comments when a comment has been liked results in "not-null property references a null or transient value:" error Low Resolved Fixed
Bug CONF-27597 Upgrading Confluence from 3.3.x and below to 4.x directly can fail with "Cannot drop the index 'ATTACHMENTDATA.attch_idver_idx'" Low Resolved Fixed
Bug CONF-27589 Likes fails when user has invalid follower Low Resolved Fixed
Bug CONF-27322 Page history should not get indexed by Google Low Resolved Fixed
Bug CONF-27115 Upgrade PDFBox to 1.7.1 Low Resolved Fixed
Bug CONF-26350 View source should have a rel=canonical meta tag Low Resolved Fixed
Bug CONF-23962 IE9 could only print Confluence into one page Low Resolved Fixed

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