Confluence 4.2.2 Release Notes

8 May 2012

The Atlassian Confluence team is pleased to announce the release of Confluence 4.2.2, which is a bug-fix release.

The complete list of fixes is at the bottom of this page.

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Take a look at the new features and other highlights in the Confluence 4.2 Release Notes.

Release Notices

Upgrading from a previous version of Confluence should be fairly straightforward. Please read the Confluence 4.2.2 Upgrade Notes. We strongly recommend that you back up your confluence.home directory and database before upgrading.

If your version of Confluence is earlier than 3.5.x, then you should upgrade to Confluence 3.5.x before upgrading to Confluence 4.2.x.

Updates and Fixes in this Release

T Key Summary P Status Resolution
Bug CONF-49762 Restrictions do not apply in calendar macro Highest Resolved Fixed
Bug CONF-25173 Non ascii comment content is corrupted when using the new Quick Comment mechanism (except for Firefox users) Highest Resolved Fixed
Bug CONF-25185 Daily/weekly summary email shouldn't send if empty High Resolved Fixed
Bug CONF-25294 Changes to Recommended Updates Email settings do not persist Medium Resolved Fixed
Bug CONF-25291 When adding an entry into gadgets white-list the browser jumps back to the first tab Medium Resolved Fixed
Bug CONF-25287 Recommended updates email sent without content Medium Resolved Duplicate
Bug CONF-25194 It is not possible to deselect "Subscribe to recommended updates" in the user profile Medium Resolved Fixed
Bug CONF-24644 Anonymous User is able to access label dialog popup despite not having permission Medium Resolved Fixed
Bug CONF-24584 /images/icons/favicon.png is not up to date Medium Resolved Fixed
Bug CONF-24253 Page restrictions dialogue does not work on Google Chrome 16 for Mac Medium Resolved Fixed
Bug CONF-25552 Power Point Slide doesn't work with Chrome Low Resolved Cannot Reproduce
Bug CONF-25373 Selecting multiple fields in table and utilizing shortcut for bold causes row shift Low Resolved Fixed
Bug CONF-25201 Font sizes in the Popular Labels Macro Heatmap are being overridden when placed in the footer section of a page layout Low Resolved Fixed
Bug CONF-25177 Space admin > Space Labels uses incorrect i18n key 'space-labels' Low Resolved Fixed
Bug CONF-25170 Fix French translation for the comment summary in "Confluence Like Plugin" Low Resolved Fixed
Bug CONF-25120 The addition of file labels breaks the layout of Tools->Attachments View when files have multiple versions Low Resolved Fixed
Bug CONF-25114 Unable to insert jira issue in comment because I can't click on "Login & Approve" link. Low Resolved Fixed
Bug CONF-24354 Project names do not render while mapping a Confluence a JIRA project Low Resolved Fixed
Bug CONF-23497 Bullet points are not aligned with the text in Safari/Chrome Low Resolved Fixed
Bug CONF-23268 Chrome 14 and above can't displayed attached .swf file on a page Low Resolved Fixed

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