Confluence 2.8.1 Release Notes

21 May 2008

Confluence 2.8.1 is a recommended upgrade which fixes some security flaws as well as other bugs in Confluence 2.8. Please refer to the security advisory for details of the security vulnerabilities, risk assessment and mitigation strategies.

Two of the bug fixes resolve problems with rendering a wiki page in Internet Explorer 6. Additionally, these fixes will significantly improve performance in some configurations of Confluence 2.8.

We have created some performance testing scripts, which will be particularly useful for large or mission-critical Confluence installations.

Using a custom space logo caused some problems, particularly with Resin application server, where the page would sometimes hang and then display incorrectly. This is now fixed.

There's a complete list of fixes below. Click a specific issue to see details of the fix.

Don't have Confluence 2.8 yet?
Take a look at the new features and other highlights in the Confluence 2.8 Release Notes.

Upgrading from a Previous Version of Confluence

Upgrading Confluence should be fairly straightforward. Please read the Confluence 2.8.1 Upgrade Notes. We strongly recommend that you back up your confluence.home directory and database before upgrading.

Updates and Fixes in this Release

Key Summary T Created Updated Due Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution
CONF-12153 Rollover help text for comment action links is misleading Bug Jun 14, 2008 Feb 28, 2017 Unassigned Neeraj Jhanji Low Resolved Fixed
CONF-11774 IE6 clients download spacer.gif from wrong URL many times Bug May 09, 2008 Feb 17, 2017 Matt Ryall Matt Ryall High Resolved Fixed
CONF-11625 Attachments view can't collapse Bug Apr 30, 2008 Feb 17, 2017 Unassigned Paul Ngu Medium Resolved Fixed
CONF-11621 Numbered Lists getting cut off in tables when using IE 6 and IE 7 Bug Apr 30, 2008 Feb 17, 2017 Unassigned Fennie Ng [Atlassian] Medium Resolved Fixed
CONF-11612 Add note to top of DOC and archived CONFnn spaces about documentation versioning Suggestion Apr 29, 2008 Feb 28, 2017 Sarah Maddox [Atlassian] Sarah Maddox [Atlassian] Resolved Fixed
CONF-11605 Bad link in description for Plugin Repository plugin Bug Apr 29, 2008 Feb 17, 2017 Cheryl Jerozal [Atlassian] Aren Cambre Medium Resolved Fixed
CONF-11585 Mailbox Import errors not escaped Bug Apr 28, 2008 Feb 17, 2017 Chris Broadfoot [Atlassian] None Low Resolved Fixed
CONF-11582 Macro for printable icon should not include <li> tags Bug Apr 27, 2008 Feb 17, 2017 Matt Ryall Matthew Jensen Low Resolved Fixed
CONF-11524 XSS vulnerability in viewinfo.action Bug Apr 21, 2008 Feb 17, 2017 Anatoli Kazatchkov None Medium Resolved Fixed
CONF-11512 requests to fake.gif (defined in menu.css) causes SocketException in server when requested by IE6 Bug Apr 19, 2008 Feb 17, 2017 Matt Ryall Roberto Dominguez Medium Resolved Fixed
CONF-11491 Invalid tooltip on Edit | Remove | Reply in comments section - always says "Permanent link to this comment" Bug Apr 16, 2008 Feb 28, 2017 Agnes Ro Wojtek Seliga Low Resolved Fixed
CONF-11485 backslash missing in Bug Apr 16, 2008 Feb 17, 2017 Anatoli Kazatchkov Arne Schirmacher (Pix Software GmbH) Low Resolved Fixed
CONF-11482 Mail server MBean does not unregister correctly after changing name Bug Apr 16, 2008 Feb 17, 2017 Anatoli Kazatchkov Andrew Lynch [Atlassian] Low Resolved Fixed
CONF-11479 Add left-hand pagetree navigation to Confluence documentation DOC space Suggestion Apr 16, 2008 Feb 28, 2017 Apr 16, 2008 Sarah Maddox [Atlassian] Sarah Maddox [Atlassian] Resolved Fixed
CONF-11468 Drop services and JavaWrapper from installer, or fix documentation Suggestion Apr 15, 2008 Apr 27, 2016 Adnan Chowdhury [Atlassian] Per Fragemann [Atlassian] Resolved Fixed
CONF-11463 Error message styles lost in setup Bug Apr 15, 2008 Feb 17, 2017 Agnes Ro Agnes Ro Low Resolved Fixed
CONF-11462 Run as Service should not be a default - installer Suggestion Apr 15, 2008 Feb 17, 2017 James Dumay [Atlassian] Ivan Benko [Atlassian] Resolved Fixed
CONF-11456 Installer deletes old Confluence installation without warning Bug Apr 15, 2008 Feb 17, 2017 Don Willis Charles Miller High Resolved Fixed
CONF-11452 Users can move attachments to a space they have no permission for Bug Apr 15, 2008 Feb 17, 2017 Unassigned Stafford Vaughan [CustomWare] High Resolved Fixed
CONF-11444 As 'Administrator' (not system admin) I cannot change parameter in General Configuration Bug Apr 14, 2008 Feb 17, 2017 Don Willis Andy Brook (Javahollic Software) Medium Resolved Fixed
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