Release Notes 2.5.5

Confluence 2.5.5 is a recommended upgrade that resolves issues you may have encountered in Confluence 2.5.4 or earlier. Confluence 2.5.5 resolves two security bugs, related to space permissions and invalid characters in space names and keys.

As such this release is a recommended upgrade for all customers.

Confluence 2.5.5 is a free upgrade for all customers who purchased their Confluence license or maintenance renewal after July 26th 2006.

Upgrading to Confluence 2.5.5

Upgrading Confluence should be fairly straightforward. You can find instructions here. We strongly recommend that you backup your confluence.home directory and database before upgrading!

Changes in 2.5.5

Patch for security issues

Confluence 2.5.5 resolves two security bugs, related to:

  • space permissions
  • invalid characters in space names and keys.

For more information, please see the security advisory.

Server ID

Starting with release 2.5.5, Confluence will generate a server ID for you. Server ID has replaced License ID on the License Details page. You will find the server ID useful when contacting Atlassian support.

Server ID:

  • is generated when you install Confluence for the first time
  • exists for the life of the Confluence instance
  • survives an upgrade
  • is held in the database
  • is not bound to a specific license
  • is the same for all servers in a cluster.
Translations for rich text editor now compatible with Confluence language pack plugins

(blue star) Thank you to everyone who voted for this popular fix.

The rich text editor in Confluence shows text in tooltips, warnings and other messages. If you are using Confluence in a language other than English, you will want to translate these messages as well as the standard Confluence text.

With Confluence 2.5.5:

  • The translations for the rich text editor can be part of a Confluence language pack plugin.
  • If your language pack does not contain translations for the rich text editor, the text will show in English. (Before 2.5.5, it showed the 'key' value rather than English.)
  • Partial translations of rich text editor messages are already included in the professional French and German language packs. Full translation is under construction.

This makes things much simpler!

Other fixes in 2.5.5

2.5.5 resolves these issues:

T Key Summary Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution Created Updated Due
Bug CONF-8992 Confluence system error exporting a page as PDF Unassigned Igor Mironov Medium Resolved Cannot Reproduce Jul 24, 2007 Feb 28, 2017
Bug CONF-8917 XSS vulnerability: space name and key not validated nor escaped Unassigned Samuel Berrigaud Medium Resolved Fixed Jul 17, 2007 Feb 17, 2017
Sub-task CONF-8916 Create patch to CONF-8877 for Confluence 2.5.4 Samuel Berrigaud Samuel Berrigaud High Resolved Fixed Jul 17, 2007 Feb 17, 2017
Bug CONF-8877 Security issue: user can copy page with only view permissions Samuel Berrigaud Jon Nermut High Resolved Fixed Jul 11, 2007 Feb 17, 2017
Bug CONF-8868 Userlister plugin causes NullPointerException Unassigned Tuomas Jormola Low Resolved Fixed Jul 09, 2007 Feb 17, 2017
Bug CONF-8864 RSS feed doesn't filter personal labels Charles Miller Charles Miller Medium Resolved Fixed Jul 09, 2007 Feb 17, 2017
Bug CONF-8860 Naming a page with a single dot locks page or space Charles Miller François Nonnenmacher Highest Resolved Fixed Jul 06, 2007 Feb 17, 2017
Bug CONF-8855 Page title length is not being validated, leading to errorpage for titles longer than 255 characters Samuel Berrigaud Igor Minar Low Resolved Fixed Jul 06, 2007 Feb 17, 2017
Bug CONF-8851 "Next" link appears on the "Manage Groups" screen for duplicate groupnames Charles Miller Gurleen Anand Low Resolved Fixed Jul 05, 2007 Feb 17, 2017
Bug CONF-8846 Input for Labels is not properly validated Christopher Owen [Atlassian] Igor Minar High Resolved Fixed Jul 05, 2007 Feb 17, 2017
Bug CONF-8830 Stand alone tomcat server.xml has enableLookups="true" Unassigned Tom Davies Low Resolved Fixed Jul 04, 2007 Feb 17, 2017
Suggestion CONF-8789 Add Server ID implementation Christopher Owen [Atlassian] Christopher Owen [Atlassian] Resolved Fixed Jun 28, 2007 Oct 02, 2015
Bug CONF-8770 Email address exposure - email hidding option is ignored in user lookup Don Willis Igor Minar Highest Resolved Fixed Jun 26, 2007 Feb 17, 2017
Bug CONF-8703 contentbylabel operator=AND performs like an OR Unassigned Fennie Ng [Atlassian] Medium Resolved Fixed Jun 14, 2007 Feb 17, 2017
Bug CONF-8657 Rich Text Editor broken with IE6 and French language pack Unassigned Don Willis Medium Resolved Fixed Jun 07, 2007 Feb 17, 2017
Bug CONF-8123 Using attachments syntax on space template results in NPE Charles Miller Lothar Hegebart Low Resolved Fixed Mar 22, 2007 Feb 17, 2017
Bug CONF-8092 Rescan for new plugins in {1} - Unassigned Jim Clark Low Resolved Fixed Mar 19, 2007 Feb 17, 2017
Suggestion CONF-6987 Simplify Rich Text Editor localisation Unassigned Don Willis Resolved Fixed Sep 14, 2006 Apr 28, 2016
Bug CONF-6167 Javascript errors when draft/heartbeat is interrupted can cause Internet Explorer to crash Unassigned Matt Ryall High Resolved Fixed May 16, 2006 Feb 17, 2017

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