Confluence 5.5.3 Release Notes

  1 July 2014

The Atlassian Confluence team is pleased to announce the release of Confluence 5.5.3, which is a bug-fix release.

The complete list of fixes is at the bottom of this page.

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Take a look at the new features and other highlights in the Confluence 5.5 Release Notes.

Release Notices

Upgrading from a previous version of Confluence should be fairly straightforward. Please read the Confluence 5.5.3 Upgrade Notes. We strongly recommend that you back up your confluence.home directory and database before upgrading.

Updates and Fixes in this Release

T Key Summary P Status Resolution
Bug CONF-33774 Transactional caches are being bypassed Highest Resolved Fixed
Bug CONF-33512 Plugin system fails to start on Tomcat 7.0.53 High Resolved Fixed
Bug CONF-33469 Office Connector not working in Firefox 29 and Firefox 30 High Resolved Fixed
Bug CONF-33225 Mywork JIRA plugin doesn't shutdown threads properly on plugin system shutdown - this causes OOM on permgen during JIRA import High Resolved Fixed
Bug CONF-33003 Confluence is not blocking the Upgrade if MS SQL has the wrong collation. High Resolved Fixed
Bug CONF-32046 Active Objects failed to initalize for bundle com.atlassian.mywork.confluence-host-plugin High Resolved Fixed
Bug CONF-33783 User can't link Confluence pages to JIRA issues and gets a "You do not have permission to view this page" for Confluence pages in Issue Links Medium Resolved Fixed
Bug CONF-33685 Stored XSS in OnDemand Confluence Header via username Medium Resolved Fixed
Bug CONF-33238 Images get a red hue when adding properties to them Medium Resolved Fixed
Bug CONF-28010 Multiple clicks on inline tasks causes Confluence to perform badly due to database thread pool contention Medium Resolved Fixed
Bug CONF-34491 Office Connector does not render the first slide of a ppt/pptx Low Resolved Fixed
Bug CONF-34346 Importing a 2013 causes confluence to show a misleading error Low Resolved Fixed
Bug CONF-33922 Editor cursor does not appear in Firefox 30 Low Resolved Fixed
Bug CONF-33749 Strange parentheses on groups page in admin console Low Resolved Fixed
Bug CONF-27598 Unhelpful error for duplicate page name when moving hierarchy between spaces Low Resolved Fixed

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