Issues Resolved in Confluence 5.5

Below are the issues resolved in Confluence 5.5, ordered by number of votes. For the full details of the fixes, improvements and new features, please take a look at our issue tracker. The Confluence 5.5 Release Notes describe the new features in this release.

Features and Improvements

T Key Summary Status Resolution Votes
Suggestion CONF-2455 Move news (blog post) to another space Resolved Fixed 245
Suggestion CONF-7612 User adding and Attachment to a page should have option to NOT trigger email notification (a.k.a. Minor Attachment Change) Resolved Fixed 141
Suggestion CONF-26696 Ability to assign due dates for tasks Resolved Fixed 99
Suggestion CONF-8247 Favicon customization Resolved Fixed 89
Suggestion CONF-26688 Ability to get a list of tasks from content Resolved Fixed 88
Suggestion CONF-26615 Ability to see other users tasks Resolved Fixed 77
Suggestion CONF-25425 Support Tomcat 7 Resolved Fixed 61
Suggestion CONF-23424 The form provided when creating new issue with JIRA Issues macro should provide a form that contains basic fields required for the particular project chosen Resolved Fixed 48
Suggestion CONF-23235 Allow users to paste images from clipboard in Internet Explorer Resolved Fixed 23
Suggestion CONF-28776 It is not possible to have multiple page properties defined on a single page, with different labels, and report on them with different page properties report macros Resolved Fixed 20
Suggestion CONF-24409 Include User Name in Mention Autocomplete in addition to Full Name Resolved Fixed 19
Suggestion CONF-30114 Ability to sort issues in the JIRA issues macro table Resolved Fixed 18
Suggestion CONF-26585 The Confluence 4.3 Mobile UI uses a different login URL from desktop Confluence which means additional configuration is required when using a custom authentication mechanism such as Shibboleth Resolved Fixed 15
Suggestion CONF-9656 No way to get group permissions for a space through remote API Resolved Fixed 12
Suggestion CONF-14162 need Vector getSpacePermissions(String token, String spaceKey) remote API method Resolved Fixed 8
Suggestion CONF-27259 When using the Issuelinks field column in the JIRA macro, there are no hyperlinks like in the Issue Navigator in JIRA Resolved Fixed 7
Suggestion CONF-26159 Daily Digest email should use the instance name for 'from' Resolved Fixed 7
Suggestion CONF-26031 Allow a user to move a page / page hierarchy without sending notifications Resolved Fixed 7
Suggestion CONF-22575 Support customisation of fields displayed by JIRA macro when showing a single issue Resolved Fixed 6
Suggestion CONF-23062 Creating new issue with JIRA Issues macro should provide choice of both "Affected Version" and "Fix Version" Resolved Fixed 4
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Bugs Fixed

T Key Summary Status Resolution Votes
Bug CONF-29144 Directly being linked to an attachment before logging in will redirect to a 'action not permitted' message Resolved Fixed 47
Bug CONF-25164 Errors thrown while indexing PDF documents Resolved Fixed 46
Bug CONF-15672 Images in Word documents resized on doc import Resolved Fixed 42
Bug CONF-31065 "What's New" inconsistent user experience across browsers on SSL wiki site Resolved Fixed 41
Bug CONF-19819 Incomplete PDF rendering in viewfile/viewpdf macro Resolved Fixed 32
Bug CONF-13268 Office Connector plugin's viewfile macro displays blurred text when showing pdf file Resolved Fixed 31
Bug CONF-24785 Pages can't be "included" if they contain symbols on their titles Resolved Fixed 27
Bug CONF-26081 Not all PDF content viewable with viewfile macro Resolved Fixed 21
Bug CONF-32523 JIRA Links Button Missing when Create a Link to an Existing Page with JIRA Links Resolved Fixed 19
Bug CONF-28564 Uploading attachments through the "insert link" macro fails if it uploads too slowly Resolved Fixed 19
Bug CONF-27059 Need to escape colons in page names that are used in Includes and Excerpt Includes Resolved Fixed 19
Bug CONF-30739 IE11: Edit in Office does not work Resolved Fixed 16
Bug CONF-27796 Quick Comment Loader Freezes Safari Resolved Fixed 15
Bug CONF-32525 Pages/Blogs timeout if they contain too many JIRA Issues Macros Resolved Fixed 13
Bug CONF-16993 Multiple emails sent out when multiple files are uploaded at once Resolved Fixed 12
Bug CONF-32234 JIRA Issue Macro not Rendering HTML in custom fields Resolved Fixed 10
Bug CONF-29942 Copy/Paste of Images does not work in IE11 Resolved Fixed 10
Bug CONF-22339 JIRA Issues Macro isn't correctly displayed when exported, in PDF and Word, if the text inside columns is too wide. Resolved Fixed 10
Bug CONF-32806 Excessive WARNINGS from ehcache Resolved Fixed 9
Bug CONF-29266 Image effects can consume all threads/memory Resolved Fixed 7
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