Long Term Support releases

Thanks to Long Term Support releases, you can upgrade to a feature release that you know will get critical bug fixes, without requiring you to upgrade to the latest feature release.

Long Term Support changes for Server customers

If you have a Server license, you’ll only be eligible to upgrade to versions released prior to February 15, 2024 PT, when we officially end support for our Server product line. If you intend to move your instance to Cloud or Data Center, contact our Support team.

What is a Long Term Support Release?

Long Term Support releases (formerly known as Enterprise releases) are designed for larger, more complex instances that require significant planning and upgrade efforts. We understand that such upgrades don’t happen often, so every upgrade must count. If you can manage only one feature release upgrade per year, we recommend upgrading to the latest Long Term Support release to get all the critical bug fixes. With the Long Term Support releases, you’ll get the maximum value from our continuous product development, even without keeping up with every new release.

This doesn’t change our support window for releases. The Long Term Support release will be supported for the same period of time as outlined in the Atlassian Support End of Life Policy, which is 2 years. Learn more about our support end-of-life policy

For more information:

Policy and details

For our products, we will:

  • Designate a feature release as a Long Term Support release, at least once every 12 months.

  • Backport critical security fixes, as outlined in our current security bug fix policy, and fixes relating to stability, data integrity, or critical performance issues. Learn more about our Security Bug Fix Policy

  • Make bug fix releases available for the designated version until it reaches end-of-life. Learn more about our Atlassian Data Center and Server Bug Fix Policy

  • Provide a change log of all changes between one Long Term Support release and the next to make upgrading easier.

Need support?

If you need more support with planning and executing your upgrade:

Latest Long Term Support releases

Previous Long Term Support releases

Last modified on Oct 24, 2023

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