Use Atlassian cloud and Data Center or Server products together

You can use Atlassian cloud and self-managed (Data Center or Server) products together, either by integrating them to exchange data and functionalities or making them use the same components of your setup, like user management. This can be useful when your teams work across a mix of Atlassian products or when you’re making the first step towards Atlassian Cloud.

 Learn about Atlassian Cloud

New to Atlassian Cloud? Learn about architecture, features, and differences.

Compare Atlassian cloud and self-managed products

How does Atlassian’s Cloud architecture work?

 Learn about security in cloud

Learn about Atlassian security practices, check how we store your data, and what IP ranges need to be allowlisted for cloud products to communicate with your network.

Atlassian security practices

Understand data residency

IP addresses and domains for Atlassian cloud products

Specify addresses for product access

 Link your cloud and self-managed products

Learn about different ways of linking your products across deployments and making them work together.

Integrate Atlassian cloud and self-managed products

 Manage users across deployments

Learn about differences in user management and check how to share the same user base between cloud and self-managed-products.

User management differences in cloud and self-managed products

Manage users between cloud and Data Center products

Migrate users to cloud

Last modified on Feb 15, 2024

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