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Scaling collaboration across your enterprise

Confluence grows in large organizations. Starting in one department or team, it spreads throughout organizations providing a platform for collaboration between teams, departments and even countries. Before you know it you have a large, mission-critical Confluence instance.

There are some unique requirements when running a mission critical Confluence implementation. Confluence Data Center provides:

  • Performance at scale - spread the load evenly across your cluster, ensuring more people in your organization can use Confluence while maintaining performance.
  • High availability - avoid downtime by removing Confluence as a single point of failure in your stack.
  • Instant  scalability - join additional nodes to your cluster at any time and grow Confluence with your organization. 

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Enterprise releases

An Atlassian Enterprise release is a feature release that gets backported security updates and critical bug fixes during its entire two-year support window. If you can only upgrade once a year, consider upgrading to an Enterprise release.   Learn more

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Read the Confluence Data Center Technical Overview - how Data Center works and the infrastructure you'll need to achieve performance at scale and high availability.

Check out Confluence Data Center Performance - find out about how we tested and measured Confluence Data Center performance, ensuring you can serve more requests without performance degradation. 

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Ready to go? Find out about Installing Confluence Data Center in our Confluence documentation and contact us to get started or ask a question.

Considering AWS? Find out about Running Confluence Data Center in AWS using an AWS Quick Start. 

Already clustered?  Find out about Moving to Confluence Data Center in our Confluence documentation.

Having problems?  Check out our Data Center Troubleshooting guide in our Confluence documentation.

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Contact us to speak with an Atlassian or get started with Data Center today.

Last modified on Jun 13, 2018

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