Integrate Atlassian cloud and self-managed products

You can integrate Atlassian cloud and self-managed (Data Center and Server) products by using application links or several in-product integrations. The journey is very similar to server-server integrations, however there are additional network requirements if your products live behind the firewall. Integrating Atlassian cloud and self-managed products is common if you’re migrating your products to cloud one by one, and need to have them connected while doing it, or simply choose to host some products locally for longer.

Overview of Atlassian integrations

Learn about the difference between application links and in-product integrations, and how they affect your network. Both of these integration types provide different features and we recommend that you use both to benefit the most.

See Overview of integrations between cloud and self-managed products

Available feature and integrations

Choose the products you’re interested in and see the details of what you can expect in each integration:

Integrate your products

If you’re ready to integrate your products, follow these steps. We’ve ordered them in the recommended way, but you’re free to choose just one of these types if it meets your needs:

  1. Create application links.
  2. Configure in-product integrations.
Last modified on Dec 10, 2021

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