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Read the upgrade notes for important info about this release and see the full list of issues resolved

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Macro improvement bonanza


We have several small, but mighty, improvements to macros to make your day. These changes aim to improve how macros scale in busy sites.  

Spaces list macro

Previously this macro showed all spaces, including archived spaces. Now it shows only current spaces by default, and you can choose to include archive spaces if you want the full list. 

Change history macro

Previously, this macro showed the entire page history. Now you have the option to limit the number of versions that display in the macro. 

Content by label macro

The content by label macro is used to show a list of pages that match a particular label and other search criteria. You can now choose to exclude the current page (the one the macro lives on) from the list, even if it matches your search.  

Skip attached files when copying a page


Did you know that when you copy a single page, all the attached files are copied too, even if they're not being used on the page? Over time this can add up to a lot of unnecessary files. 

We now give you the option to exclude attached files when copying a single page. Any files that were being used on the page will appear as "unknown attachment". 

If there are no attached files to copy, the checkbox will be disabled. 

Java 11 support


You can now run Confluence with Java 11 (Oracle and AdoptOpenJDK). Java 11 is a Long Term Support version, so will set you up for several years of access to regular bug fixes and security updates.

In this release, we continue to bundle the AdoptOpenJDK 8 JRE, but you can choose to switch to Java 11 now. See Change the Java vendor or version Confluence uses to find out how to switch your Java version or vendor.

Extended support for Edit in Office


For many teams, editing files is a vital part of working productively in Confluence. For that reason, we're bringing back Edit in Office for organizations who can't use the Atlassian Companion app in their environment. Head to our Community post for all the details.

When Edit in Office is enabled, WebDAV integrations will be restored on your site, allowing your team to edit attached Excel, PowerPoint, and Word documents using the legacy Edit in Office method. This will disable all Companion integration, so any options provided by Companion will no longer be available.

We've also made some browser compatibility improvements, so you can use the latest version of Firefox, and no longer need a browser add-on.

Learn more about enabling Edit in Office.

Resolved issues

For full details of bugs fixed and suggestions resolved, head to Jira.

Confluence 7.1 is affected by the following security issue: CVE-2019-15006.

When upgrading, we recommend upgrading to the most recent bugfix version, which is 7.1.2.

Issues resolved in 7.1.2

Released on 12 December 2019

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Issues resolved in 7.1.1

Released on 02 December 2019

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Issues resolved in 7.1.0

Released on 04 November 2019

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Get ready to upgrade

Before you upgrade, check out the Upgrade Notes for important changes in this release, then follow the usual upgrade instructions to upgrade your site.

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Last modified on Dec 18, 2019

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