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Confluence is very flexible – not only in the many ways you can create and share content, but also in how you can tailor your own Confluence experience. Things like your profile picture, favourite spaces and pages, and your personal space can say a lot about you, and can also make navigating Confluence much quicker and easier. Even a simple thing like adding shortcut links to the sidebar of your personal space, can save you a lot of time in finding the things you use all the time.

Set up your personal space, and take a look at any of the pages below, to start making Confluence feel like home.

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    Corey Connors

    I don't know if this was overlooked, but it seems that the PROFILE information is targeted to OTHER PEOPLE rather than that specific user, but I don't see a way for other people in the company to see that tab.  Am I overlooking something?

    29 Jun 2009
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      Mark Hrynczak [Atlassian]

      The easiest way to get there is by Hover Profile.

      If the user has a Personal Space, then their Profile information is displayed in the Sidebar.

      You can also navigate to a Profile directly via the url, e.g:


      30 Jun 2009
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    Sean Winter

    Is there anyway to set the tabbed view (with the profile tab as default) as the user default primary page? The initial page with the sidebar just seems like an odd homepage. The tabs are hidden.

    In other words, I would like this to be the user homepage /confluence/users/viewuserprofile.action?username=... instead of /confluence/display/~USERID/Home.


    10 Jul 2009
    1. User avatar

      Mark Hrynczak [Atlassian]

      Hi Sean,

      Currently, if a user does not have a Personal Space, clicking on their username does take you to the Profile Page. However, the link takes you to the Home page of the user's Personal Space if it exists. The reasoning behind this is that the user can configure their own Home page to appear exactly as they want it - for example you could display your profile details by using the {profile} macro.

      There has been some discussion about this behaviour at CONF-14568 - feel free to add details of your exact requirements to that issue.


      12 Jul 2009
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    Subhash Mathur

    Two questions regarding user-profile:

    1. Is there a way so that when a user-name is clicked anywhere, it *always* takes you to the profile and not to the Personal Space even if it exists? We would like to use user-profile for networking and Personal Space for users to use to their specific needs. Thus, whenever a user clicks on a name, we want them to be always presented with a standardized set of information about the user. Currently, when users click on a name, sometimes they get to the Personal Space (if it exists), sometimes to the user profile (when Personal Space does not exist) - that tends to be very confusing.
    2. Are content in *Status Updates* maintained in the user-profile included in Search? If they are, how are they presented in the Search Results? Again, in a large organization, this facility can become very useful when somebody is looking for people who may have worked on certain areas, or have specific knowledge. Status Updates by people may generate such information in-the-flow of everyday business. But its power would be evident if it show up in Search Results. Otherwise, Status Update would onlyl be useful in small group settings, to communicate within the group.

    Help on the above is much appreciated.

    30 Sep 2009
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    Subhash Mathur

    How does one use keyword search on user profiles? While, I see that filter-options for Search inlcudes "profile" type, I am not sure if it works. I searched for something that I thought would  be unique in my profile, and it did not come up.

    I am also not sure what content from profile is searchable - updates? activities? - please advise.

    06 Oct 2009
    1. User avatar

      Zed Yap [Atlassian]

      Hi Subhash,

      How does one use keyword search on user profiles? While, I see that filter-options for Search inlcudes "profile" type, I am not sure if it works. I searched for something that I thought would be unique in my profile, and it did not come up.

      I am also not sure what content from profile is searchable - updates? activities? - please advise.

      As far as I know, the profile option will return a user name which is specific in the search box. When you click on the search result it will direct you to the user personal space.

      Hope that helps,
      Best rgds

      13 Oct 2009
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        I also have a question similar to Subhash. I want to know if it is possible to find users about the search if i only enter their position ( e.g. CEO)  or location (e.g. New York). The reason why im asking is that in my confluence installation when i search for example after my position or firm or even location, the search result is emty.

        I already red trough the documentation but i found nothing about this topic.

        thx a lot

        19 Feb 2010
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    Is it possible to extend user profile with some plugins?
    For an example I want to user profiles display some additional info (from other resources).

    30 Mar 2010
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      hi shrike,

      to your topic, but can´t give you a review about the mod or plugin

      also i think i red something about adaptavist community bubbles that it also have such features, but im not sure


      21 Apr 2010
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    Why the heck one only can define Position, Department, Location but not the company name?? Ever thought of having users from different companies? Or do I miss something here? Thanks.

    20 Jul 2010
    1. User avatar

      Husein Alatas [Atlassian]


      We do have a User Information Plugin contributed by our user, but unfortunately it does not support Confluence 3.0 and above yet. You might want to bring this issue up at to make it compatible with Confluence 3.0 & above. Please share your comment over there so that the developers are aware of your needs.

      Meanwhile, we do have a feature request on this:

      Please feel free to cast your vote, share your comment over there, and add yourself as a watcher for future update. Please also take note on how we implement new features and improvements.


      26 Jul 2010
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    Royce Wong

    I don't want to display other fields other than full name and e-mail. Which template should I edit? I tried confluence\users\viewuserprofile.vm, no luck.

    Found it: confluence\decorators\profile.vmd.

    21 Sep 2010
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    Emily Johnson

    Is there a way to eliminate profile pictures for certain confluence user groups? We use confluence as a customer-facing knowledge base, and I don't want customers to see employee photos or the "?" that comes up when they don't have a photo.



    13 Dec 2010
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    Michael Roff

    It's possible to access a users email through

    Is it possible to access a users phone number through something similar?  Say



    04 Apr 2012
    1. User avatar


      I suggest asking this question over at the CustomWare GetSatisfaction site, as report-info comes from the Reporting plugin that they produce. You may get a helpful response more quickly over there.


      16 Apr 2012
  10. User avatar



    There seems to be a lack of information about the status updates content item in this guide. This page contains the briefest of mentions, and there seems to be nothing at all in the Creating Content section.

    It would be helpful to have an idea about what content a status update can contain, over and above plain text, e.g. links, mentions.

    As this is an artefact which belongs to the user, not a space, status updates are naturally "public" content items. In certain contexts (e.g. customer portal) this could cause a problem, hence an explanation of the pro's & con's would be useful.



    16 Apr 2012
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    I am creating a custom dashboard. What is the syntax for linking to the logged-in user's profile for adding a picture? IE the link on the default dashboard.action page:


    05 Dec 2012
    1. User avatar


      I think that's the correct link. I use such link on my dashboard too.


      07 Dec 2012
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    Elise LaTorre

    Where do we go to set global permissions for profile pictures for anonymous users in Confluence latest? 

    03 Jun 2013
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