Confluence 3.1.2 Release Notes

3 March 2010

Confluence 3.1.2 is a recommended upgrade which fixes a number of bugs. Please see the 'Updates and Fixes in this Release' section below for details.

We identified a bug (see CONF-18437) that caused errors to be thrown whenever the macro browser was used in a theme other than the default theme. This bug also caused the preview mode to hang when the preview tab was clicked (i.e. the loading icon would spin forever without the preview mode loading). This has been fixed for all themes bundles with Confluence. If you are using a custom theme, you will need to implement a custom workaround, as described in the related JIRA issue.

Don't have Confluence 3.1 yet?

Take a look at the new features and other highlights in the Confluence 3.1 Release Notes.

Upgrading from a Previous Version of Confluence

Upgrading Confluence should be fairly straightforward. Please read the Confluence 3.1.2 Upgrade Notes. We strongly recommend that you back up your confluence.home directory and database before upgrading.

Updates and Fixes in this Release

There's a complete list of fixes below. Click a specific issue to see details of the fix. Click here to open a report on for Resolved or Closed issues in Confluence 3.1.2.

T Key Summary P Status Resolution
Bug CONF-18381 NPE setting up Demo content on a custom db High Resolved Fixed
Bug CONF-18218 LDAP users with uppercase usernames cannot add favourites High Resolved Fixed
Bug CONF-18437 Macro browser and Preview tab appears to be broken for all themes EXCEPT shipped default theme Medium Resolved Fixed
Bug CONF-18207 Global colour scheme can not be applied to space-theme Medium Resolved Fixed
Bug CONF-18202 German Umlauts break the QuickSearch Medium Resolved Fixed
Bug CONF-14820 Inherited page permissions are not wrapped correctly in UI Medium Resolved Fixed
Bug CONF-13529 New "Configure whitelist" admin screen loses breadcrumbs Medium Resolved Fixed
Bug CONF-7473 Confluence uses the server's locale for dates and not the default language Medium Resolved Fixed
Bug CONF-18271 cachecontents.jsp page is broken Low Resolved Fixed
Bug CONF-18235 Left Nav Theme is not showing the correct text Low Resolved Fixed
Bug CONF-18194 viewxls macro in the macro browser does not work correctly when inserting attachments from a comment on a blog Low Resolved Fixed
Bug CONF-18144 Macro browser macro alias Low Resolved Fixed
Bug CONF-17533 Uploading new version of attachment creates duplicate options in the Insert Image Dialog Low Resolved Fixed
Bug CONF-17213 Warning on new license version still appears after license upgrade to v2 Low Resolved Cannot Reproduce
Bug CONF-17028 Email link should not appear for pages that the user is restricted from viewing Low Resolved Fixed
Bug CONF-16585 Confluence allows you to change the title of a page to whitespace, which prevents editing and access unless you know the pageid. Low Resolved Fixed
Bug CONF-15919 Disabled Users Can Be Followed Low Resolved Fixed
Bug CONF-13832 Invalid content label entries are populated in the team label entry field on the Space Admin -> Edit Space Labels screen when validation fails (& vice versa) Low Resolved Fixed

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