Confluence 5.4.4 Release Notes

18 March 2014

The Atlassian Confluence team is pleased to announce the release of Confluence 5.4.4, which is a bug-fix release.

The complete list of fixes is at the bottom of this page.

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Take a look at the new features and other highlights in the Confluence 5.4 Release Notes.

Release Notices

Upgrading from a previous version of Confluence should be fairly straightforward. Please read the Confluence 5.4.4 Upgrade Notes. We strongly recommend that you back up your confluence.home directory and database before upgrading.

Updates and Fixes in this Release

T Key Summary P Status Resolution
Bug CONF-32557 Security vulnerability in apache commons fileupload High Resolved Fixed
Bug CONF-30430 No limit to number of blog posts shown in monthly view High Resolved Fixed
Bug CONF-24927 Widget Connector does not work with new Google Docs High Resolved Fixed
Bug CONF-19819 Incomplete PDF rendering in viewfile/viewpdf macro High Resolved Fixed
Bug CONF-32888 Shared Links Blueprint dialog no longer displays "Share on Confluence" button Medium Resolved Fixed
Bug CONF-32791 Caret lost when removing table row in IE Medium Resolved Fixed
Bug CONF-32790 Scroll flickering inside page layouts in IE while navigating between table cells Medium Resolved Fixed
Bug CONF-32484 Tooltip left hanging after selecting option Medium Resolved Fixed
Bug CONF-32256 Page properties report macro sort parameter broken when not title Medium Resolved Fixed
Bug CONF-31879 Unable to Purge Trash, Unable to Successfully Delete Space, Page Watchers Are Not Visible After Upgrade to 5.3.x Because CONTENTID Column Is NULL (PAGEID Data Were Not Migrated To CONTENTID In NOTIFICATIONS Table) Medium Resolved Fixed
Bug CONF-31806 Page Properties Report Macro now grabs only one Page Properties Macro from each page. Medium Resolved Fixed
Bug CONF-31548 Editor freezes after removing/cutting a table row in a page with lists in IE 9 or 10 Medium Resolved Fixed
Bug CONF-31437 Characters are garbled in Shared Links where the character code is Shift_JIS Medium Resolved Fixed
Bug CONF-31422 Confluence Tabular Metadata Plugin - Detail summary gets all details on page ignoring Label parameter Medium Resolved Fixed
Bug CONF-31106 Search Autocomplete Medium Resolved Fixed
Bug CONF-28484 Link in Confluence pages cannot be edited in IE9, IE10 & IE11 when Page Layout is in used Medium Resolved Fixed
Bug CONF-26081 Not all PDF content viewable with viewfile macro Medium Resolved Fixed
Bug CONF-32915 JIRA Issue Macro shows wrong application link name, but searches in the correct application Low Resolved Obsolete
Bug CONF-32529 Backspace to delete an element which is at the end of list - <li> element Low Resolved Fixed
Bug CONF-32422 Decision blueprint with table inside does not respect table header properties Low Resolved Fixed
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