Issues Resolved in Confluence 5.4

Below are the issues resolved in Confluence 5.4, ordered by number of votes. For the full details of the fixes, improvements and new features, please take a look at our issue tracker. The Confluence 5.4 Release Notes describe the new features in this release.

Features and Improvements

T Key Summary Status Resolution Votes
Suggestion CONF-30077 JIRA issue macro aggressively caches, new issues take a while to appear in the issues macro Resolved Fixed 65
Suggestion CONF-17391 Adding support for OpenOffice Resolved Fixed 50
Suggestion CONF-30116 Ability to configure the maximum number of issues displayed in the JIRA issues macro Resolved Fixed 43
Suggestion CONF-25354 Support PostgreSQL 9.1 Resolved Fixed 35
Suggestion CONF-29556 Extend Page Properties Report macro to support sorting Resolved Fixed 26
Suggestion CONF-26789 Support PostgreSQL 9.2 Resolved Fixed 17
Suggestion CONF-30428 JIRA Issues Macro filter behaviour has changed so that it no longer saves the filter, but rather hard-codes the results. Resolved Fixed 14
Suggestion CONF-49079 Team Calendars should live in Spaces Resolved Fixed 13
Suggestion CONF-29520 Page Property Report Macro Performance Resolved Fixed 12
Suggestion CONF-30501 Show placeholder and warning in Widget Connector if embedded material is blocked by browser due to mixed active content Resolved Fixed 7
Suggestion CONF-29611 Provide "Reply To" button for comments to auto-quote content Resolved Fixed 6
Suggestion CONF-31583 Release and upgrade Confluence TOC macro in OD Resolved Fixed 2
Suggestion CONF-26954 Ability to see related JIRA issues from the Confluence viewpage Resolved Fixed 2
Suggestion CONF-31081 API for Page Properties Report macro Resolved Fixed 1
Suggestion CONF-27981 Editor focus should be on the title field when the user forgets to type one Resolved Fixed 1
Suggestion CONF-50258 Team Calendars should show "No projects found. Please create a project first." when there are no projects in JIRA Resolved Fixed 0
Suggestion CONF-49244 Should remove link of 'BETA' text for TeamCal in space Resolved Fixed 0
Suggestion CONF-49118 ical4j parsing perfomance Resolved Fixed 0
Suggestion CONF-31461 Screenshots in page make reference to JIRA and Tomcat 5 Resolved Fixed 0
Suggestion CONF-31371 Suppress the mail you receive when creating a blueprint index page Resolved Fixed 0
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Bugs Fixed

T Key Summary Status Resolution Votes
Bug CONF-24962 Using REST methods with @FormParam causes misleading warnings in logs Resolved Fixed 60
Bug CONF-25240 PDF export does not handle page layouts Resolved Fixed 50
Bug CONF-23412 ID tag for heading is not checked for duplicate upon transformation from the storage format into the view format Resolved Fixed 48
Bug CONF-11860 Pagetree component causing errors in large spaces Resolved Fixed 35
Bug CONF-26796 Session-timeout not being respected Resolved Fixed 20
Bug CONF-31627 Confluence cannot connect to JIRA on non-standard HTTPS port Resolved Fixed 18
Bug CONF-16765 Spurious error message in the logs when generating thumbnails Resolved Fixed 17
Bug CONF-27660 Macros doesn't render on template preview Resolved Fixed 15
Bug CONF-31156 "Unable to rename user" errors when attempting to login with a LDAP user Resolved Fixed 14
Bug CONF-29391 Error rendering Contributors Summary Macro Resolved Fixed 14
Bug CONF-28721 renderConfluenceMacro on include macro does not render sections of a page Resolved Fixed 11
Bug CONF-30079 NullPointerException when attempting to render a JIRA issue where the resolution field has been hidden Resolved Fixed 9
Bug CONF-29305 Page properties report displays deleted pages Resolved Fixed 9
Bug CONF-25539 Update the multimedia macro to support .MPG and .MPEG files Resolved Fixed 9
Bug CONF-30591 Anonymous Search Errors Resolved Fixed 7
Bug CONF-49468 Team Calendar Timeline view sometimes with long-running events they overlap smaller events Resolved Fixed 6
Bug CONF-30255 Unable to select 'Space' or 'Page' or on Confluence Page Gadget Resolved Fixed 6
Bug CONF-48633 Reminder notifications aren't sent if the event repeats Resolved Fixed 5
Bug CONF-30589 Share by Group is suggesting it was successful but it doesn't actually work Resolved Fixed 5
Bug CONF-24039 Heading styles affect the table of contents macro Resolved Fixed 5
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