Issues Resolved in Confluence 5.2

Below are the issues resolved in Confluence 5.2, ordered by number of votes. For the full details of the fixes, improvements and new features, please take a look at our issue tracker. The Confluence 5.2 Release Notes describe the new features in this release.

Features and Improvements

T Key Summary Status Resolution Votes
Suggestion CONF-22430 Share pages with groups Resolved Fixed 184
Suggestion CONF-3840 Allow Users to Remove Own Comments Resolved Fixed 56
Suggestion CONF-14134 Ability to make search return exact matches or at least prioritize exact matches in the search results Resolved Fixed 22
Suggestion CONF-26369 Officially support SQL Server 2012 Resolved Fixed 20
Suggestion CONF-13715 Allow Titles to be part of a Page Template Resolved Fixed 16
Suggestion CONF-26725 Add Confluence Mobile support for Chrome on Android Resolved Fixed 12
Suggestion CONF-26234 Fullscreen edit Resolved Fixed 11
Suggestion CONF-1093 User Defined Syntax Highlighting Resolved Fixed 11
Suggestion CONF-24558 Make space admins discoverable to a user Resolved Fixed 10
Suggestion CONF-9081 Improve search result ordering , giving prioity to pages that have the all the search works found closer together or as a phrase Resolved Fixed 10
Suggestion CONF-27832 Code block macro: support for Objective-C Resolved Fixed 9
Suggestion CONF-4291 Add query syntax help to search page. Resolved Fixed 8
Suggestion CONF-28548 Internationalise Blueprints Resolved Fixed 7
Suggestion CONF-26049 Add an option in User Directory settings to make an SSL LDAP connection but without verifying that the hostname and certificate match Resolved Fixed 7
Suggestion CONF-13798 Prevent Confluence startup if version of home directory and database do not match (to stop inadvertent attempt to upgrade via database backup) Resolved Fixed 6
Suggestion CONF-5337 Include breadcrumbs in HTML export Resolved Fixed 6
Suggestion CONF-26655 Allow multiple page layouts in a single page / nested page layouts Resolved Fixed 5
Suggestion CONF-23275 Synchronize entering JIRA issues via the JIRA issues dialog with capabilities of macro when entering via wiki markup Resolved Fixed 5
Suggestion CONF-29409 Remember Sidebar Collapse Beyond Browser Session Resolved Fixed 4
Suggestion CONF-29219 Documentation request: changing build number in Resolved Fixed 3
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Bugs Fixed

T Key Summary Status Resolution Votes
Bug CONF-25599 Generated images don't get exported to Word Resolved Fixed 67
Bug CONF-22002 Confluence renders attachments with long filenames with an ellipsis rather than a presenting the information to the browser and using css to limit the fieldwidth Resolved Fixed 46
Bug CONF-29048 Confluence fails to non-conflicting merge changes while editing page concurrently Resolved Fixed 44
Bug CONF-26597 Changing category in Space List macro generates wrong URL Resolved Fixed 27
Bug CONF-20115 Fix case sensitivity in wildcard searches Resolved Fixed 25
Bug CONF-28355 Emoticons in PDF export are displayed wrong Resolved Fixed 20
Bug CONF-29865 Unable to create a Confluence Space when a default space logo is configured - Page not found after the Create Space button is clicked Resolved Fixed 11
Bug CONF-26088 Line Feed, (Shift+Enter), line breaks cause the two surrounding words to be indexed as one word Resolved Fixed 9
Bug CONF-28576 Custom Seraph Authenticators broken in Confluence 5.0 Resolved Fixed 8
Bug CONF-30115 JIRA issues macro times out pages with lots of issues Resolved Fixed 7
Bug CONF-29276 JUnit macro, is not rendering properly Resolved Fixed 7
Bug CONF-21185 ancestorIds:pageid changes to "Did you mean ancestoring:pageid" Resolved Fixed 7
Bug CONF-26656 Email notifications for uses the author's locale and not the recipients' Resolved Fixed 6
Bug CONF-28712 Directory Sync Fails if there are Users or Groups with Curly Braces in their User/Groupname Resolved Fixed 5
Bug CONF-28405 Cannot view anything other than first page of labels using non-ascii characters Resolved Fixed 5
Bug CONF-30350 Can't save, create, delete, or add comments to pages. Resolved Fixed 3
Bug CONF-28482 Look & Feel Editor for Documentation Theme Space is Broken Resolved Fixed 3
Bug CONF-25925 Cursor jumps to the top of the editor window when aligning text in Safari Resolved Fixed 3
Bug CONF-22267 Template administration screen is visible to anonymous users... Resolved Fixed 3
Bug CONF-30251 Backspace or delete no longer works in Confluence Editor with Chrome and Workbox disabled Resolved Fixed 2
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