Issues Resolved in Confluence 5.3

Below are the issues resolved in Confluence 5.3, ordered by number of votes. For the full details of the fixes, improvements and new features, please take a look at our issue tracker. The Confluence 5.3 Release Notes describe the new features in this release.

Features and Improvements

Bugs Fixed

T Key Summary Status Resolution Votes
Bug CONF-9293 when a page is renamed, find and update instances of the {include} and {excerpt-include} Resolved Fixed 95
Bug CONF-30410 Labels not getting indexed as part of the page Resolved Fixed 37
Bug CONF-28194 Confluence attempts to apply group memberships when synchronising from a remote directory even if they already exist, causing a duplicate key violation Resolved Fixed 26
Bug CONF-26542 Mail should handle extension for embedded attachments. Resolved Fixed 22
Bug CONF-30749 All user specific page restrictions lost when upgrading to Confluence 5.2.4 Resolved Fixed 17
Bug CONF-30618 Outgoing authentication settings for generic/etc AppLinks are broken Resolved Fixed 9
Bug CONF-16965 Livesearch is case sensitive Resolved Fixed 6
Bug CONF-28190 Adding a user in Confluence to a group in a Read/Write JIRA User Directory results in failed synchronisation Resolved Fixed 4
Bug CONF-27895 Regular administrator users cannot see user license count in Confluence-only OnDemand instances Resolved Fixed 4
Bug CONF-30977 JIRA Issue Macro silently replace dynamic JQL query to a static one Resolved Fixed 3
Bug CONF-30202 Space Activity screen fails to display Most Active Contributors Resolved Fixed 3
Bug CONF-14379 Column titles in the jiraissues macro do not respect changes to the configured global language Resolved Fixed 3
Bug CONF-30798 StorageMacroV2Marshaller does not use old parameters array, macros created with deprecated method do not have parameters persisted Resolved Fixed 2
Bug CONF-30741 Confluence Quick Reload Plugin Renders Confluence Unavailable Resolved Fixed 2
Bug CONF-29988 Too many warnings in log: "Cannot find web resource module for: …" Resolved Fixed 2
Bug CONF-28740 JIRA Issues Macro fails to get correct info for some fields if JIRA server use in another default language Resolved Fixed 2
Bug CONF-26707 'affectedVersion' field will not display when used in jiraissues macro Resolved Fixed 2
Bug CONF-26132 Relative internal links wrongly become absolute when the linked page is renamed or moved to the same space Resolved Fixed 2
Bug CONF-31427 Using the list variable when creating a page using a global template automatically populates the first option. Resolved Fixed 1
Bug CONF-31096 Search filtering does not work if Workbox plugin or in-app notifications are disabled Resolved Fixed 1
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