Contacting Support

Raising a Support Request

There are two ways to raise a support request with Atlassian:

  • (Recommended) Raise a Support request directly via the Atlassian support site and then create a support zip. The advantage of this method is that it includes all the relevant files Fisheye/Crucible that Support need. You can also be sure that the support case has been created and includes your logs.
  • Complete the support request form from your Fisheye Administration Console. The disadvantage of this method, is that your mail may not be forwarded correctly due to an issue or security restriction on your mail server. For example, the zip of your log files are huge, and your mail server rejects the mail.

Both methods are described in more detail below.

Raise a Support request via Atlassian Support (recommended)

There are two steps.

Step 1: Raise the support request

  1. Go to Atlassian Support System.
  2. If you do not already have a free Atlassian support account, create one here.
  3. Lodge a detailed description of your problem in the new support ticket.
  4. Fill in all applicable information about your system, such as application server, database, etc.
  5. If Fisheye is running:
    1. Go to the 'Atlassian Support Tools' screen in the Fisheye admin area and copy the text of your system information into the ticket.
    2. Go to Administration > Server Settings > Debug Logging, and turn debug logging "ON".
    3. Reproduce the problem.
    4. Create a support zip to attach to the ticket. 
  6. If your instance does not start up, attach a zip of your FISHEYE_INST/var/logs directory to the support case.
  7. Log in to and select Create New Issue.
  8. Once your ticket is lodged, wait to be notified by email of updates.

Step 2: Create the Support Zip in Fisheye/Crucible

(info) We recommend that you add a support zip to every interaction with Atlassian Support. The utility will also dump your system information to the logs before zipping them.

You can also use this method to append system information to an existing support request.

  1. Log in using an account with admin access.
  2. Go to Administration > Support Tools > Create Support Zip. Ensure that everything is checked, then click Create.
  3. Attach the support zip to the support request you raised.

Raise a Support request via the Fisheye Administration Console

(info) Ensure that SMTP email is set up on your Fisheye instance and your mail server allows zip files.

The advantage of this method is that it is convenient, however the disadvantage is that your mail may not be forwarded correctly due to an issue (e.g. zip file too large) or security restriction on your mail server.

You can also use this method to append system information to an existing support ticket.

On the left navigation bar, click Support Tools and then the Create Support Request tab. Fill out the web form which will automatically send an email to Atlassian Support, attaching your Fisheye logs and configuration file (if you wish).

(info) This functionality requires that the Fisheye web server is already set up and capable of sending email.

Fields in the Support Request form

On the Support Request form there are a number of fields to fill out and options to select.

SubjectEnter a one line summary of the problem.
PriorityChoose from Low, Medium, High or Critical.
DescriptionType a detailed description of the problem you are trying to solve.
Existing Support RequestLeave this field blank if you are creating a new support request. If you have an existing support request open at, enter the issue key here. Doing this will append this new request to the existing request.
Contact NameYour contact name.
Contact NumberYour contact number.
Attach Fisheye LogsTick this box to send Atlassian your Fisheye log file.
Attach Config FileCheck this box to send Atlassian your Fisheye configuration file.
Support Entitlement Number (SEN)Paste your Support Entitlement Number. See Finding your Fisheye or Crucible Support Entitlement Number (SEN).


When you have filled out the required fields, click Send Support Request to finish.

(warning) Note that the form may take several minutes to fully submit, as it takes some time to export and process the log file data.

Last modified on Oct 25, 2018

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