Managing your repositories

Fisheye administrators can see all current repositories in the Fisheye/Crucible instance in the Admin area. Note that users can see a similar list, without the admin functions, by clicking Source in the header.  

The list of repositories provides admin functions such as starting and stopping repository scans, disabling and enabling repositories, deleting repositories and configuring various repository settings. You can also add new repositories from the repository list page.

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Viewing repositories

To view the repositories set up for your Fisheye/Crucible instance, log in to the Admin area and click Repositories (under 'Repository Settings').

Use the filter in the table header to search for repositories by attributes in the table columns (Name, Type, Description, Location or State). For example you could filter on all the repositories named "foo" by typing "foo" or you could filter on the disabled repos by typing "disabled". Filtering is not case sensitive.

Use the paging controls at the top right of the table to browse all the available repositories.

Click Refresh in the table header to update the list of repositories. See Updater for information about polling the repositories.

Screenshot: The repository list in the Fisheye administration screen

Configuring repositories

On the Repositories screen, click the name of the repository to see, and edit, the repository options.

Click the cog icon  for a repository to go to the following operations:
  • View — View the repository options. See Repository options.
  • Browse (Running repositories only) — Browse a repository. See Browsing through a repository.
  • Stop (Running repositories only) — Stop access to the repository and stop the repository scan, if a scan is in progress. See Operations.
  • Start (Stopped repositories only) — Allow access to a stopped repository and start the repository scan. See Operations.
  • Restart (Running repositories only) — Allow access to the repository and resume the repository scan, if necessary. See Operations.
  • Disable  (Stopped repositories only) — Disable a previously stopped repository. See Operations.
  • Enable (Disabled repositories only) — Enable the disabled repository. See Operations.
  • Delete (Disabled and stopped repositories only) — Remove the Fisheye profile for the disabled repository. See Operations.
  • Application Links — Configure application links for the repository.

To configure the default options for all repositories, click Defaults (under 'Repository Settings') in the left-hand nav panel. See Repository Options for more information.

Adding a new repository

On the Repositories screen, click Add repository in the table header to add a new repository.

Last modified on Oct 25, 2018

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