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This page contains information about the FishEye 1.3 minor releases.

Please read the FishEye 1.3 Upgrade Guide before upgrading to any of the minor releases below.

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From 1.3.7 to 1.3.8

This release provides performance and bug fix improvements for Subversion and Perforce indexing including:

  • Perforce determination of line counts is much more efficient
  • Handle cases where the content of a file has been removed from a Perforce depot
  • Change Subversion indexing strategy for repositories whose initial check-in is a large commit or copy
  • Fix error which broke line count graph caching
  • correct issues dealing with changes to tagged files
  • correct issue with property changes in German locale when using SvnKit

From 1.3.6 to 1.3.7

This is a small bug-fix release (list of issues).

From 1.3.5 to 1.3.6

This is a small bug-fix release. It addresses a stack-overflow problem for some configurations.

From 1.3.4 to 1.3.5

Note: Upgrading to this version will force a complete re-index of P4 repositories.

  • User-friendly UI-based license entry and maintenance.
  • Syntax highlight files when displaying a diff.
  • Add Ruby and Coldfusion syntax highlighting. Look for custom syntax files in FISHEYE_INST/syntax.
  • EyeQL enhancement: a new clause to match on changeset ids csid = "1234".
  • EyeQL enhancement: more return types such as isAdded and isBinary.
  • Many performance improvements when scanning Perforce repositories.
  • Changelog missing some changesets in CVS when there is a path constraint.
  • Handle svn diff output in languages other than English.
  • Fix problem with long directory names wrapping in the directory tree.

From 1.3.3 to 1.3.4

  • Fix compatibility between Cenqua and Atlassian licenses.
  • [SVN] Convert slash / characters to a hyphen - in tag/branch names.
  • [SVN] Better handling of precedence of tag/branch/trunk symbolic rules.
  • [SVN] Add a manual test field in Admin screens to test symbolic rule setup.
  • [P4] Add ability to configure Perforce updater in Admin screens.
  • [P4] Some improvements when scanning Perforce repositories.

From 1.3.2 to 1.3.3

This build allows FishEye to be used with Atlassian licenses.

From 1.3.1 to 1.3.2

  • Fix potential XSS vulnerability in quick-search page.
  • Fix problem sending watch emails where the commit message contains a tab character.
  • [SVN] Add support for requesting a rescan between given revisions.
  • [SVN] Improve scan performance, and better handle add operations from outside FishEye's view of the repository.
  • [SVN] Improve scan performance by not fetchings diffs for binary files.
  • [SVN] Timeout settings now configurable via Admin screens.
  • [SVN] Display SVN properties at the directory level.
  • [P4]] Address problem fetching labels for files.
  • Fix Javascript problem in IE when logging into the Admin screens.

From 1.3 to 1.3.1

  • The truncate diff setting should now work in Internet Explorer.
  • Fix issue with duplicate paths in tarball generation.
  • [P4] An empty <p4-config> element would cause an error.
  • Unknown repos now return a 404 status rather than 500.
  • [SVN] Handle empty content files when using SvnKit.
  • [CVS] Allow $ in author names.
  • FishEye now uses the tabwidth setting in each user's profile.
  • [SVN] Fix issue where FishEye incorrectly states that no username was supplied.
  • Fix IE7 directory spacing problem.
  • Implement side-by-side diffs.

From 1.3beta9 to 1.3

  • Various improvements when scanning Perforce repositories.
  • [SVN] Fix for problem with diff hyperlinks to re-added files.
  • Fix problem where some paths were not correctly html-escaped.
  • Fix 'NoSuchFieldError deferredExpression' problem on some platforms (due to a 3rd-party library being included twice).
  • Ensure LDAP connections are closed in all situations.

From 1.3beta8 to 1.3beta9

Upgrading to 1.3beta9 will force a complete re-index of CVS repositories.

  • Upgrade JVM requirement to 1.5+.
  • Upgrade embedded HTTP engine (Jetty). This fixes some bugs and improves performance under load.
  • Fix a performance problem (esp. under load). "Recent Changes" pages should return much faster now.
  • Fix a very slow memory leak when FishEye is under load (for example, when it is being crawled by a web spider).
  • Fix a problem where daily-emails would break after a backup was performed.
  • [CVS] Fix an error introduced when FishEye builds its repository cache. This requires a full re-scan of CVS repositories.
  • [CVS] Fix a problem where FishEye could not parse in RCS files author names that were only numerical digits.
  • [CVS] Fix bug when creating tar/zip files from a branch constraint.
  • [SVN] FishEye will now timeout long running SVN connections that have blocked.
  • [SVN] Fix problem where FishEye was not storing SVN properties correctly.
  • [SVN] Fix a bug when entering a revision beyond the current last revision in quick search.

From 1.2.5 to 1.3beta8

  • [SVN] When importing a repository from a given start revision, you can now nominate if it should import the state of the repository at that revision, or just import changes made after that revision.
  • [CVS] Fix a bug where FishEye would send out watch emails for historical changesets after a re-index.
  • Performance improvements to changeset page when one of the files in the changeset has a very large history.
  • [SVN] Some changes that improve the speed of the initial-scan for some SVN repositories.
  • Fix a bug when FishEye generates RSS feed urls constrained by author, when the author has an "@" in their name.
  • [SVN] Fix a bug when a tag is deleted (as part of a move).
Last modified on Sep 7, 2010

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