Adding files to a review fails - Cannot perform the requested action - You cannot perform this action because reviews are limited to 800 file revisions in Crucible

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Adding files to a review results in the following message:


The default maximum number of revisions allowed by Crucible is 800 and you tried to add a file that exceeded this limit.


Split the review into multiple ones so that the limit is not reached. This can be done by abandoning and closing the current large review and creating multiple new reviews with fewer content to review in each of them.


Follow the instructions from JVM system properties to increase the maximum default setting, e.g.

Adding files with more than 800 reviews can potentially slow down the instance:

  • Impact the performance of Crucible - the review takes a long time to load and can be slow on the client-side.
  • Cause issues indexing data. A large review can cause a repository to get stuck on "Indexing Review Data" for a long time.

Last modified on Nov 30, 2021

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