Application or Repository Start fails - Bad Cell format: bad type byte: 2

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The application fails to start. The following appears in the atlassian-fisheye-YYYY-MM-DD.log and/or in the fisheye.out:

com.cenqua.fisheye.rep.DbException: Bad Cell format: bad type byte: 2
  at com.cenqua.obfuscate.idbkwvwfz._j.j(InfinityDB_1.0.53:466)
  at com.cenqua.obfuscate.idbkwvwfz._j.k(InfinityDB_1.0.53:677)
  at com.cenqua.obfuscate.idbkwvwfz._j.l(InfinityDB_1.0.53:762)
  at com.cenqua.obfuscate.idbkwvwfz._j.d(InfinityDB_1.0.53:435)
  at com.cenqua.obfuscate.idbkwvwfz._j.g(InfinityDB_1.0.53:219)
java.lang.RuntimeException: bad bits
  at com.cenqua.obfuscate.idbkwvwfz._j.a(InfinityDB_1.0.53:1081)
  at com.cenqua.obfuscate.idbkwvwfz._j.g(InfinityDB_1.0.53:218)


Some possibilities exist:

  • An Incompatible JVM (e.g. OpenJDK) is being referenced.
  • A repository index/cache has become corrupt.
  • An internal database has become corrupt (data0.bin).


Based in order of the possible causes above:

Double check that the application references (via JAVA_HOME) a compatible JVM as identified on our Supported platforms page.




  • Removing the index/cache will cause the repository index to be recreated and depending on the size of the repository this process can be lengthy.
  • Replacing the index/cache with a backup will retard the repository index state to that of the backup and require that the index catch up to the present time. This is preferred to removing the index/cache completely.

Either remove the repository index/cache or replace it with a backup copy:

1) Identify the problematic repository.

2) Stop the application.

3) Remove the <FISHEYE_INST>/var/cache/<reponame> directory where <reponame> is the name of your repository.

4) Start the application.




  • Removing this internal database will cause you to lose defined user groups, group memberships, user watches, and existing notifications.
  • Replacing this internal database will overwrite any changes made since the backup was created.

Either remove the repository index/cache or replace it with a backup copy:

1) Stop the application.

3) Remove the file:  <FISHEYE_INST>/var/data/data0.bin 

4) Start the application.

Last modified on Jul 14, 2016

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