Cannot Delete a Repository

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When viewing a repository:

  1. The 'delete' option is disabled (i.e. grayed out).
  2. Every option is disabled in the web interface except View.


When stopping a repository, Fisheye will finish committing the changeset, then send an svn cancel command via the Subversion client. In some circumstances, the Subversion client will not respond, causing Fisheye to wait.


  1. Perform a backup of Fisheye
  2. Stop the Fisheye server.
  3. Manually delete the cache of that repository at <FISHEYE_INSTALL>/var/cache/RepositoryName, where RepositoryName is substituted for your repository name.
  4. Manually delete the repository configuration from <FISHEYE_INST>/config.xml. The tag appears as:
    <repository description=
  5. Restart Fisheye.

Last modified on Jul 31, 2018

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