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JIRA : 3.13.x
Fisheye : 2.4.x


Similar error is reported, when viewing JIRA activity in Fisheye:

Failed to retrieve activity from the JIRA server <JIRA Server Name>: http://<JIRA Base URL>/plugins/servlet/streams/local?minDate=1288212934000&key=LINK&maxResults=60 returned 404
Ignore errors from <JIRA Server Name>

Trying to access the above URL in a browser, generates the same 404 error.


Activity Streams Plugin is shipped as a bundled plugin since Fisheye 2.4.x, which is incompatible with the legacy plugin used by JIRA 3.13.x.


Option 1: Upgrade to JIRA 4.x

Option 2: Follow the steps below to view activity from JIRA 3.13.x in your Fisheye 2.4.x instance:

1) Shutdown your JIRA server.
2) Copy the following attached jars into your <JIRA_Installation-Directory>/atlassian-jira/WEB-INF/lib directory:



Required only for JIRA 3.13.1 to 3.13.3
Skip this Step if using JIRA 3.13.4 or 3.13.5

Take a backup of your <JIRA_Installation-Directory>/atlassian-jira/WEB-INF/classes/entitydefs/entitymodel.xml and <JIRA_Installation-Directory>/atlassian-jira/WEB-INF/classes/entitydefs/entitygroup.xml files and replace them with the attached files from the ticket.
4) Ensure that the Base URLs for both Fisheye and JIRA have been setup correctly.
5) Configure the Applinks integration via Administration -> Application Links console in Fisheye using Basic Authentication.
6) Associate your Crucible project(s) with the relevant JIRA project(s) via Administration -> Projects -> Application Links in Fisheye.
7) Associate your Fisheye repository(s) with the relevant JIRA project(s) via Administration -> Repositories -> <Name of the Repository> -> Application Links in Fisheye.
8) Enable debug logging for both JIRA and Fisheye.
9) Test the activity stream from Fisheye Dashboard as well as via the "Source" tab for the configured repository.

















Last modified on Jul 31, 2018

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