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Every now and then a changeset shows no author for a revision, however if you send the svn command:

svn info -r revNo

You clearly get an author defined.

You mirror your svn repository onto the server where fisheye is run. In the logs you get the following:

2008-07-25 18:19:44,386 INFO  [pool-1-thread-1] SvnMessageContext-getAuthor - Revision 43083 in repository <repo name> has no author defined


The mirroring process is not atomic - It "replays" the changes as a local user and then updates the properties afterwards - updating author, date, etc.

If Fisheye incrementally scans the repository between those two steps, it picks up the change without author information.


One workaround would be to turn off auto scanning of the repository and manually update the repository after the replication operation is finished.

I.e. go to Admin > Repository list > %repo name% and click on "Edit Updater". Set the poll period to "Never".

After the repository is mirrored and the properties set, you need to go into Admin > Repository list > %repo name% > Maintenance and Click "Scan Now".

Another solution would be to stagger the poll and mirror process such that the mirror has completed before the poll begins.

Lastly you can vote on the improvement request located at FE-601.

Last modified on Nov 21, 2012

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