Close JIRA Issues when Fixing Jobs in Perforce

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The JIRA Fisheye plugin can create a corresponding perforce job for each issue. However when submitting fixes in perforce, the JIRA issue is not automatically closed as well.


There is a feature request for this functionality to be included with the plugin:


The functionality is independent of the JIRA Fisheye plugin, and Perforce and JIRA already provide the requisite functionality to implement this.

Firstly you need to create a soap client that will call the JIRA remote API to close the issue. Here is a very rudimentary example in Python:

import SOAPpy, getpass, datetime, sys

soap = SOAPpy.WSDL.Proxy('')


auth = soap.login(jirauser, passwd)

for arg in sys.argv[1:len(sys.argv)]:

        issue = soap.getIssue(auth, arg)

        print 'Closing issue..', issue['key']

        # the default "fixed" resolution has an id of 1
        # the default close workflow action has an id of 2
        soap.progressWorkflowAction(auth, issue['key'], '2' , [
                {"id": "resolution", "values": "1" }

print "Done!"

This will be invoked as <List of JIRA Issue Keys>.

Next we create a perforce fix trigger using p4 triggers. The trigger should look something like this:

        closeJira fix-add fix "/Users/amyers/ %jobs%"

Note that the assumption here is that all the jobs have an ID that corresponds to a JIRA issue key.


  • The script should be modified to check for valid issue keys and handle perforce jobs that do not have a corresponding JIRA issue.
  • The script hardcodes resolutions/workflow action ids so it will not work with a custom resolution/workflow
  • This is not supported by Atlassian and is only provided as an example.

Last modified on Jul 31, 2018

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