Defining your own syntax highlighting in Crucible or Fisheye

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All existing syntax highlighting definitions can be found at FISHEYE_INST/syntax directory.
For example java.def:

syntaxdef java {

/\s+/m : ;

|t(h(is|row(|s))|r(ansient|ue|y))|vo(id|latile)|while)\b/ : {
      region {


   context todo {
      /(?i)todo\s.*/ : {
        region {



To create your own:

  1. Copy one of the existing definitions into your FISHEYE_INST/syntax directory. (Note, by making your modifications in the FISHEYE_INST directory, your changes will persist across upgrades. If you make the changes in FISHEYE_HOME, they will need to be reapplied each upgrade).
  2. Then modify the filename and the definition in the FISHEYE_INST/syntax directory. E.g. you can change java.def to objectiveC.def and modify the definition to suit your programming language.
  3. Copy the FISHEYE_HOME/syntax/ to your FISHEYE_INST/syntax directory and modify it to map file extensions to definitions.
  4. Restart Fisheye to pick up the change.

Configure syntax highlighting for non-standard file extensions

Last modified on Mar 31, 2021

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