JIRA Issues Are Not Hyperlinked in Fisheye, Crucible

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The source tab is visible in JIRA tickets but in Fisheye/Crucible, JIRA issues are not hyperlinked in either commit messages or in review titles.


The link from Fisheye repositories and Crucible projects to JIRA does not exist. Reciprocal links need to be established between JIRA and Fisheye/Crucible in order for both the source tab to appear in JIRA and hyperlinks to be created in Fisheye/Crucible to referenced JIRA issues.


When the Application Link wizard runs (from either JIRA or Fisheye), the last question prompts whether or not to create a reciprocal application link. If this option isn't selected, the result is only a one way link. A similar one way connection can also be created manually.  In this particular case since a link already exists from JIRA to Fisheye (giving rise to the source tab on JIRA tickets), a reciprocal link needs to be created manually from Fisheye to JIRA.

Log into Fisheye/Crucible with a user that has access to the JIRA project you want to link to. Click on Administration and the click on the Projects link under "Project Settings". Under the column "Operations" click on the link Application Links. Is there any link listed here? If not, click on Add Link > click on you JIRA installation from the drop down > type the name or key one of the available JIRA projects. If so, the application links setup needs to be re-checked to make sure the outbound connection to JIRA is working properly.

Fisheye repositories are linked similarly. Click on Repositories under "Repository Settings" and identify the repository in question and under the "Actions" column click on the image of the cog and select Application Links. Click on Add Link if none exists and follow the steps from above. Likewise, if one already exists the outbound JIRA application link setting needs to be checked.

Last modified on Jul 31, 2018

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