Perforce Jobs in Fisheye and JIRA

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This page describes the usage of Perforce Jobs in Fisheye. It also covers the JIRA integration aspects.


Set up the JIRA instance

If you would like to create a Perforce Job from JIRA, follow the instructions on the (Archived) Create a Perforce Job when creating a JIRA issue page.


The following workflow can be used in this scenario:

  • A JIRA issue is created
  • A Perforce Job is created from JIRA using the "PerforceJobCheckbox" field

  • A commit is performed in Perforce and it is associated with the Perforce Job (in other words a p4 fix command is triggered)
    This can be achieve by linking the Job to a commit in the Perforce Job dialog:

  • Unless the commit's comment (description in the screenshot above) contains the JIRA issue key. This will allow the Smart Commits feature to link the commit to the JIRA issue
  • Fisheye displays the "Fixed Jobs" even if the JIRA issue key is not provided in the Smart Commit


Commit Message / Smart Commits

Q: Do I need to provide the JIRA issue key in the commit message when committing the change in Perforce?

A: Yes, if the JIRA issue key is not provided in the commit message, then the Commit will not be displayed in the Development panel

There  FE-6657 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Perforce Job without a JIRA issue key

Q: What if I use a Perforce Job which does not match a JIRA issue?

A: Fisheye will display it in the changeset (see the "nonJiraJob" id in the screenshot below)

Last modified on Dec 27, 2018

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