Repository Will Not Start Due To "Bad file format"

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When attempting to start a given repository, the following WARN message is displayed in the logs:

2011-04-26 15:08:26,450 INFO  [main ] InfinityDbHandle-open - opening /usr/local/fisheye/current/var/cache/testrepo/revcache/data.bin with cachesize=700929365
2011-04-26 15:08:26,452 WARN  [main ] DefaultRepositoryManager-runRepositories - Problem starting repository
com.cenqua.fisheye.rep.DbException: Bad file format (file truncated.)
	at com.cenqua.fisheye.infinitydb.InfinityDbHandle.get(
	at com.cenqua.fisheye.rep.impl.CommonUtilDAO.hasProperty(
	at com.cenqua.fisheye.rep.impl.CommonUtilDAO.hasProperty(
	at com.cenqua.fisheye.cache.BaseRevisionCache.hasScanProperty(
	at com.cenqua.fisheye.cache.BaseDirInfoCache.loadIndexingFeatures(

The repository will fail to start.


The repository caches have become corrupted and will need to be recreated.


Please initiate a re-index of your problematic repository to resolve the issue.

Last modified on Nov 21, 2012

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