Smart Commits are not populating the JIRA comment tab

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Smart commit messages like the example below do not populate on the Comment tab of the JIRA issue, e.g.

"TEST-9 #comment this is a test commit"

Cause 1

Repository committers are not mapped as Fisheye users and thus are not recognized by JIRA. 

Cause 2

The Site URL on Fisheye is not configured. 

Resolution 1

Configure user mapping so that repository commiters relate to the corresponding Fisheye users by doing the following:

  1. Go to Fisheye Administration.
  2. Go to "User Mappings" under "User Settings".
  3. "add a new user mapping" for the repository.
  4. Associate the "committer username" with respective "Fisheye username" and click add.

Resolution 2

Configure Site URL on Fisheye with the following steps : 

  1. Go to Administration > Server
  2. Click Edit Settings for Web Server
  3. Click on "Use this value" for Site URL 

  4. Click Update


Last modified on Jul 31, 2018

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