Task management

The task management project template sets you up with the most basic workflows, and is designed to allow you to create issues and get them completed with the minimal of fuss. Using Jira Core's functionality you can involve the members of your team that you need to, and track your work using your built in reporting, your dashboard, and custom filters based on your searches.

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Out of the box, your task management project comes with:


To Do > Done

Workflow with statuses To do and Done.

Issue types

Task and sub-task. A sub-task must belong to a parent task.

Issue fieldsSummary, Issue Type, Reporter, Attachment, Due Date, Description, Assignee, Priority, Resolution and Labels
ResolutionsDone, Won't Do, Duplicate and Cannot Reproduce
PrioritiesHighest, High, Medium, Low and Lowest

There's a lot you can do with a task management project, and with a few customizations, there's a lot more you can do to! Have a look at the example for a few ideas of how you can use it, and customize it to suit your needs.

Use caseOnboarding - setting up your new starters for success from day one, week one.
What Business project
should I start with? 

Task Management - This gives you a straightforward workflow of To do and Done, and accompanying issue types of Task and Sub-task.

How can I do this?
  1. Create a task for each new employee
  2. Create a sub-task for everything that needs to be done before the person starts. You may need to make sure a desk and chair is available, allocate a laptop, or make sure a building access card is granted. 
  3. Assign each sub-task to the relevant person responsible for making sure it's done. They can complete the sub-task when they've completed their task.
  4. Once all these sub-tasks have been completed, you can mark the parent task as Done! Your new employee is ready to go!
How would this look?

Task for employee Jane Smith, including additional sub-tasks.

Can I make this easier?
You may be thinking, "Hold on a minute, I don't want to have to create a bunch of sub tasks every time I need to onboard someone!" Well, you don't. Set up a task with all the associated sub-tasks, and name it Onboarding. Whenever you need to onboard a new employee, find the task and use Jira Core's clone functionality to make a brand new task with all the associated sub-tasks. By renaming the task you'll know which new employee each task belongs to. You can even assign the sub-tasks to the relevant people, so that when you clone the task, Jira Core will make sure the relevant people are assigned to their tasks automatically.
Other customizations
You may decide that your onboarding should be more extensive, you may decide that instead of just getting the physical bits and pieces together for a new employee, you may want to also ensure that in their first week the get to have lunch with their team, sign off on all your statutory training, or get a building tour. You can customize your project's workflow to suit your needs, assigning the parent task to the person responsible for each step. You could decide to customize the fields available on the task, to make sure you record the information you need along the way (scores in training, asset numbers of any equipment that's been provided). You set up Jira Core to mimic how you do onboarding. It can be as complex or as basic as you like!

Last modified on Dec 1, 2021

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