Configuring an Announcement banner

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Platform Notice: Cloud Only - This article only applies to Atlassian products on the cloud platform.


Jira Administrators can configure an announcement banner to display pertinent information on all Jira pages. The banner text supports up to 650 characters. It can include hyperlinks, emojis, text formatting options (bold, italic etc.), various font sizes and background colors. It can be used to relay important information (e.g. scheduled server maintenance, and approaching project deadlines) to all users. The banner visibility level can be configured to display to all users (including guests or users from other organizations) or licensed users within your organization.

Create an announcement banner

  1. Select Settings > System > Announcement banner

  2. Enter a banner message

  3. Configure the required display settings which include:

    1. Message (up to 650 characters, including emojis)

    2. Background color

    3. User toggle on/off (allow users to dismiss the banner)

    4. Target audience (public or private)

  4. Select Publish now

Depending on the visibility level selected, the banner will become visible to your Jira users.

Dismissing the banner

The announcement banner configuration page has the option to allow users to dismiss the announcement banner and not display it on their screens anymore.

  • When the toggle is ON, users seeing the banner can close the banner and not see it again:

  • When the toggle is OFF, users can't dismiss the announcement banner.

Banner visibility

The visibility of the announcement banner can be configured to specify who can view the banner.

  • Public: The banner is visible to all users (including guests or users from other organizations).

  • Private: The banner is only visible to licensed users within the organization.

Disabling the banner

The announcement banner configuration page has the option to disable the announcement banner. When the toggle is OFF, the banner will not be displayed to users.

Last modified on Jun 28, 2024

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