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Platform Notice: Server and Data Center Only - This article only applies to Atlassian products on the server and data center platforms.


Some of the features in JIRA are not enabled by default (there could be many reasons for that) and implemented as a Dark Features

Be careful with dark features as they may cause problems if misused since they will impact the entire instance. They should only be used when instructed to and preferably it should be tested on a lower environment when available.

As always, a full backup is advised before making changes to Dark Features for the first time.


 To manage Dark Features you need to be a JIRA admin. It is possible through the page below:


Enabling a Dark Feature

In order to enable a feature flag, type <feature_flag_name>.enabled in the Enable dark feature text area and click the Add button.

Make sure to not have double ".enabled" suffix at the end of feature flag name.

Disabling a Dark Feature

To disable a feature flag:

  • Click Disable link next to the specific feature flag in the left section (as on a screenshot below) or


  • Type <feature_flag_name>.disabled feature flag in the Enable dark feature text area and click the Add button.
    • Make sure to not have the combination of suffixes ".enabled.disabled" at the end of the feature flag name.

If the Dark Feature is not present on the admin page it means it has its default value which may be enabled or disabled depending on the specific Dark Feature.

Example Dark Feature admin screen:

Additional Information

Dark Features in Jira is different from Dark Theme/Mode (change visualization on a browser window).
If you're looking for Dark Theme/Mode for Jira Data Center or Cloud, please verify the suggestions below:

For Jira Data Center: JRASERVER-63150 - Getting issue details... STATUS

For Jira Cloud: JRACLOUD-63150 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Last modified on Aug 27, 2021

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