Error "Failed to send request to the knowledge base server."

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Platform Notice: Server and Data Center Only - This article only applies to Atlassian products on the server and data center platforms.


When accessing a Jira Service Management ticket in Agent View (Jira Issue View) an error "Failed to send request to the knowledge base server." is showing:

The following appears in the atlassian-confluence.log

2017-11-23 18:33:39,000 WARN [http-nio-9443-exec-3] [oauth.serviceprovider.internal.AuthenticatorImpl] logOAuthProblem Problem encountered authenticating OAuth client for url "https://<Conf Base URL>/rest/knowledge-base/1.0/search/DES", error was "signature_invalid", with parameters "{oauth_problem=signature_invalid, oauth_signature=dJ3ISkCwaZAYVTbznFMTN7y5hOjQhYo4FacKXbXx/GjstunywjozphS28lg+mib8K07nUZ03ltHz/sRskmLYBDRdJb2uNeZ174vgCm4QTYTpw/3HzL/y/2Zb7GZodSXYhjouS2438=, oauth_signature_base_string=GET&https%3A%2F%2F<Conf Base URL>%3A<port>%2Frest%2Fknowledge-base%2F1.0%2Fsearch%2FDES&highlight%3, oauth_signature_method=RSA-SHA1}"
 -- url: /rest/knowledge-base/1.0/search/DES | traceId: 94fcb14e434


  • Jira and Confluence Application Link is using SSL/HTTPS
  • The ERROR appears in Jira Tickets that have special characters in its Summary
  • Check if Jira and Confluence has the following parameter set in the respective instance server.xml


The cause of the issue is the mentioned parameter above where it needs to be "false"


As mentioned before, we would need to set the value to "false" in order to solve the issue. The steps are:

  1. Find the and edit the instance server.xml has the parameter set.
    • Jira Installation Directory > conf > server.xml
    • Confluence Installation Directory > conf > server.xml
  2. Find the parameter:

  3. Change the value to "false"

  4. Save the file and restart the instance to take effect.

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Last modified on Nov 23, 2020

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