Field or Filter does not exist or you do not have permission to view it

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When trying to view filters or search results, you receive an error within a red box similar to this:


Possible causes for the error above:

  1. The user is not logged into the JIRA system.
  2. The user does not have the appropriate project permissions to view the Fields.
  3. The user does not have the permission to view the Filter.  You are not the owner or the filter or it has not been shared with you.
  4. The referenced Custom Field is hidden in the Field Configuration.
  5. The Custom Field does not have the appropriate Context.


  1. Ensure that the user is logged into the JIRA application.
  2. Ensure the user has the the proper project permissions - these can be verified with the JIRA Admin Helper and edited as per Managing project permissions.

  3. Ensure that the filter has been shared with the appropriate user as detailed in Managing shared filters.
    1. If the owner of the filter no longer exists:
      1. As of JIRA 4.4, JIRA administrators can change the filter's owner in Managing shared filters.
      2. Pre JIRA 4.4, an administrator will need to re-create and reset the user's password. They can then log in and manage the filter.
  4. Verify the field is not hidden for the project's Field Configuration scheme. We detail how this works in Specifying field behavior.
  5. Go to the Custom Field administration area and find the affected field.
    1. Click on the Cog icon (far right) to Configure and then Edit configuration to add the appropriate context.
    2. Take a moment to go it Cog  > Edit to make sure it has a Search Template other than None.
    3. If the field is LOCKED, you'll need unlock it first: Unlock a LOCKED Custom field in JIRA
Last modified on Aug 13, 2021

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