Give users the option to remove the migrated text from fields when using JCMA

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Platform Notice: Cloud Only - This article only applies to Atlassian products on the cloud platform.


When JCMA is used to migrate Jira Server (users/groups, data, attachments) to the cloud, using different plans, JCMA keeps track of what fields were migrated and when. This helps admins to understand which fields were already migrated and helps to avoid duplicates.

There's an ongoing Feature Request aiming to empower administrators to remove the "migrated" text from the migrated custom fields:

It’s highly recommended that those going through this knowledge base vote and subscribe to the feature in order to receive updates once they are posted to the ticket.
While the feature’s not implemented, this knowledge base aims to explain how to circumvent this behavior.


How to manually remove the "Migrated on" note on custom fields:

  1. Please access the direct link for the custom fields configurations for Jira Cloud on
  2. There, you can check any custom fields that have the "Migrated on" note and click on the three dots > Edit details:

  3. On the Description, you can edit as you like and click on Update.
  4. Done!

How to manually remove the "Migrated on" note on standard fields:

  1. Please note that this needs to be done on every different project that you would like to edit the "Migrated on" note. This can be easily be based on this URL:
    (info) Please change the "yourcloudsite" and the "projectkeyhere" values on the URL above.
  2. It's known that each project can have different field configurations for different issue types, however, steps will not differ much as we going to select the pen icon to edit.
  3. There you have to select the desired field and click on Edit.
  4. Now here is where the expected modification will take place, change the Description as you like and click Update.
  5. Done!

DescriptionGive users the option to remove the migrated text from fields when using JCMA
ProductJira Software
Last modified on Sep 1, 2021

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