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About the Health Check

The supported database health check verifies that your JIRA instance is using a supported database. Using a supported database ensures JIRA's data integrity and avoids unexpected behaviour when using JIRA applications.

Currently Checks

We are currently checking for supported database versions on the following JIRA instances:

JIRA versionDatabases supported by health check
7.4.3 or newer

MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle DB

ATST plugin

To make sure all the databases are supported by the health check, update your Atlassian Troubleshooting and Support Tools plugin to the latest available version. You can check which version you're running in JIRA administration > Manage apps or JIRA administration > Manage add-ons (for JIRA versions lower than 8.0).

If you want the health check to support Oracle DB, your ATST version needs to be 1.17.0 or later.

7.4MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server


MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server
7.2MySQL, PostgreSQL

For further info on the actual versions please refer to the appropriate JIRA Server version supported platforms:


We don't test JIRA with any unsupported databases, so there are no guarantees they will work. Using an unsupported database is considered high risk because if there are problems with the database or unexpected behaviour in the application we won't be able to help you fix it.

Understanding the Results

What this means
Your database model and version are supported.

JIRA is using a supported database.

<database model> <database version> is not supported. You should migrate to a supported database version.

The database is not supported, and data should be migrated to a supported database.


See Switching databases to find out how to migrate data from your current database to a supported one. We strongly recommend trying this on a staging / test server first, in case you encounter problems during the migration process.

Last modified on Jun 19, 2019

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