How to make the select-list custom field visible when the value is 'None' (not selected)

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When an Issue is created, and a Custom Field of the type 'Select list' has the value 'None' (not selected), then the custom field will not appear on the View Issue screen by default. This is because a most fields in JIRA will only be visible on the View Issue screen when it has a value. In some cases, users need to make that field stay visible on the View Issue screen.

This guide is not kept up-to-date and velocity templates will change from version-to-version. The information provided is a guide and may no longer be relevant in certain versions of JIRA.


There is a current 'Improvement' request regarding this. You can vote for it here:  JRA-6697 - Getting issue details... STATUS

The current workaround removes the default 'None' value from the system and creates a new value named 'None'/'Not Available' and sets it as the default value. With this workaround, JIRA will treat your custom field  as if it has a value and it will be displayed on the View Issue screen.

Before you start, please note the following:

  1. We always recommend that you backup your data. (e.g. Backup your database and any modified files) 
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Step 1:

Remove the 'NONE' value, please refer to:

How to Remove 'NONE' from a Select List Custom Field

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This action will affect all 'Select list' Custom Fields with 'None' value. 

Step 2:

Add a value named 'None' or 'Not Available' for the Custom Field and set it as the default value. 

Configuring a Custom Field

Now when you create an Issue without choosing the value of the Custom Field, you will still be able to see it in the View Issue screen with a value of 'None' or  'Not Available' depending on the value used in Step 2.

Last modified on Nov 16, 2018

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