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This sample file is out of date. Related information available on the JIRA Project Management Feature Product Tour.

JIRA applications for Project Management sample file

What is a sample file? A sample file is an example setup - a sandbox environment designed to give you an overview of some of the popular and useful features. You can restore this backup file into your JIRA applications instance (download the free 30-day trial if you haven't already) and play around in the system.

JIRA applications for Project Management sample file is an example of how to use JIRA application to manage some common internal processes - purchasing, recruiting, marketing, and building a product. There are a several users separated into teams and different levels within the company. You can switch between users to see different views of the system. You can create and work with issues - blog entries, tasks, sales positions and more - move the issues through their respective steps, pull reports on issues and activity, and explore the features that Project Managers use within JIRA applications.

Note this is just one example of many ways you can use JIRA applications to manage projects. If you have questions or would like to discuss your organisation processes in more detail, don't hesitate to email or call Atlassian Sales.

Before using the sample file...

  • Please back up your existing JIRA applications instance. You can read how to do this here. Note that when you restore this sample file into your instance, you'll wipe out any existing data.
  • The latest sample file was created using JIRA 4.4.3, please ensure you have this version.
    You can download the latest version of JIRA applications here.
  • You will also need to download two plugins for all the features to work properly.
    Follow the instructions for each plugin.

Download the sample file

  • Please ensure you have backed up your existing JIRA instance.
  • Before you download the sample file please ensure you know how to restore it.
  • You can download the sample file here!

Project Management sample file features

  • Based on using JIRA applications to track projects for several departments at one company
  • 10 users - you can jump to another user by clicking their name in the top bar - all users have the password 'password'.
  • Several system and project specific dashboards
  • 4 workflows, including some common customizations
    • Parents task cannot be closed unless all subtasks are closed (Plane workflow)
    • Certain transitions can only be executed by managers (Make Offer in Recruitment workflow; Approve or Deny in Purchasing workflow)
  • Permissions are the same for marketing, plane, and purchasing
    • permissions restricted only to project lead Sarah [JIRA:HR] and Managers for Recruitment project (note JIRA application Administrator can browse and administer project, but doesn't have permission for operations)
    • Two issue security levels within the Recruitment project: Project Lead + All Managers, Project Lead + Reporter

Tour of the sample file

This brief walk-through is designed to give you a feel for how information flows within JIRA applications, how different users view and work with the same information (permission based operations) and show you some common features project managers find useful within JIRA applications.

Click on each arrow to open up the example issue and follow the screenshots.

Let's start by creating a few issues.

Click here to expand...

Login as Roy [JIRA:Admin]. You'll see the 'CREATE NEW ISSUE' option across the top bar. This is a two step process.
Step 1, you'll select the Project and Issue Type. Select Marketing and Task.

Step 2, you'll enter the details. Enter 'Fix broken link' in the Summary field. In the description, write that you've found a broken link on the website and need someone to change it. Put the Assignee as Justin [JIRA:webmaster].

Now, login as Justin [JIRA:webmaster] by clicking in the Announcement Banner across the top.

Click the HOME tab to go to Justin's dashboard. You should see your new task 'Fix broken link' in the 'open issues - assigned to me' portlet.

Click on the issue to see the details, and you can move it through the workflow (in this case, it's a simple task, so just hit 'close').

Click here to expand...

Login as Sarah [JIRA:HR]. Create a new issue in the Recruitment project for a Technical Sales Position.

Step 2, where you enter details, select Joshua [JIRA:sales manager] as the Reporter. For Security Level, select 'Reporter + Project Lead'.

Now, only Sarah And Joshua have access to this issue. Put 'Jane Doe' as the summary.
Now, login as Joshua [JIRA:sales manager]. You should see your new issue under 'my open issues - not in Marketing' on the dashboard.

Now, login as Anton [JIRA:Dev manager]. Search for the issue you've just created by typing the issue key into the 'quick search' box.

You'll see a PERMISSION VIOLATION error - so Anton cannot see this issue, even though he can see other issues in this project.

Click here to expand...

Login as Anton [JIRA:Dev Manager]. Create a new issue in purchasing project.

New laptop for Anna Butan, a candidate who has accepted an offer for a position.

Now, link to HR-12 - her position in the recruitment project - as 'related to'.

Click here to expand...

Login as Emily [JIRA:reception]. On her dashboard, under 'My Open Issues', click on PUR-10, the plasma screens for the reception area.

Take a look at her workflow transition options - Reject or Escalate for Manager Approval.

Now, login as Susan [JIRA:user]. In the quick search box, type 'PUR-10'. Susan is part of the 'purchasing' group, so she has the option to approve this issue. Her available transitions are Approve, Reject, or Escalate for Manager Approval.

Select 'escalate for manager approval' and you can add info.

Now, login as Sammy [JIRA:purchasing manager]. In the quick search box, type 'PUR-10'. Review Sammy's options - since Susan selected to escalate this issue, only managers can approve PUR-10.

Click here to expand...

Login as Christina [JIRA:admin]. Hit 'create new issue' and create a task in the Plane project.

In the summary, write 'test switches'.

Once you hit 'create', you'll see the issue screen. Review your transition options: Start Progress, Resolve or Close.

Now, create a subtask of this new issue.

Write 'landing gear' for the summary.

This will take you into the subtask, and you can click back up to the parent issue the chain at the top.

There you have a 'quick create' option to add additional subtasks - for example, 'altimeter', 'radar', 'interior lights', etc.

Look at your transition options - you can't close this issue until the subtasks are all closed.

Try closing the subtask.

Your option to close the parent will reappear

Now, let's pull some reports on what we've just done.

Click here to expand...

Login as Admin. Go to the Find Issues tab and select 'all projects', then scroll down to the date and time section.

Click on the calendar icon next to 'created' and choose all issues created within the last 1 day (if you've been working on this today. If not, select the last 3 days, week, or however long it's been since you created your first issue). Then select 'view' and you'll see all the issues that you've created in the system.

You can change your view by selecting different columns, and click into the individual issues to see more details.

Click here to expand...

Login as Justin [JIRA:webmaster]. Go to the Find Issues tab and hit New next to filter.

Select 'marketing' project and 'blog entry' issue type. You can review the upcoming blogs that will be on the website.

Hit 'save'.

Name the filter 'Marketing Blogs. The star next to Favourite will be filled in yellow.

This new filter will show up in your filters list from the top bar.

Click here to expand...

Login as Christina [JIRA:admin]. Go to the Home tab and you should be on the Plane Project Management dashboard (Christina's default).

The Plane Roadmap is the top portlet on the right, and has a quick overview of the upcoming milestones and the progress on each so far. Click on the red part of the progress bar, which will take you to just the unresolved issues for that milestone.

Now, hit the 'Browse Project' tab at the top. You can see from the trail that you're within the Plane Project

Go over to the canned reports on the right side, and click on Version Workload Report.

Select 'Phase 1', 'Yes' and 'All subtasks'

This gives you a breakdown of the workload for that milestone by user.

Enhancing the sample file

Now that we've created some issues, explored some favorite features, and played with some reports, go ahead and build upon the system.

You can explore project permissions, set up JIRA application to send outgoing and create issue and comments from incoming emails, and set up notifications.

If you want to customize a workflow to match your own internal processes, take a look at the short workflow demo video and follow the JIRA Quick Start Guide.

Finally, you can customize the look and feel, migrate your own data into JIRA application, and follow the JIRA applications docs to explore other features.

Other recommended plugins

  1. JIRA Suite Utilities - This plugin is divided in two parts. First, a set of conditions and validations to personalize workflow of JIRA. And second, a Issue Tab Panel, which shows information about the execution of each transition. The nice addition - custom fields for specifying Google Maps location.* Custom Fields
  2. JIRA Toolkit - The toolkit is a set of neat custom fields Atlassian developed for our own use. They provide a simple workaround for current limitations to JIRA or solutions to some idiosyncratic problems. Think of it as JIRA Custom fields sandbox if you will. It's also a showcase for how simple custom fields can be used get more out of your of JIRA, especially for filtering on information that would otherwise be unavailable.
  3. Links Hierarchy Reports - This plugin is an interactive hierarchical view of linked Issues based on a selected link type.
  4. JIRA Labels plugin - Allows you to tag your issues with arbitrary labels - especially helpful for teams within teams, labels that will function cross-project, and any terminology or lingo that your organization uses internally.

Project Details

Marketing Project details (MKT)

  • Project Roles
    • Project lead: Joshua [JIRA:sales manager]
  • issue types
    • case study
    • website content
    • blog entry
    • improvement
    • task
    • subtask
  • components
    • blogs
    • product content
    • company content
    • external site
  • versions - Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4
  • workflow:

Purchasing Project details (PUR)

  • Project Roles
    • Project Lead: Sammy [JIRA:purchasing manager]
  • issue types
    • purchasing request
  • * workflow with escalation (for additional approvals):
  • Only users in the Project Role 'Managers' can transition this step:
  • Purchase Workflow
    • Only users in the Group Purchasing can approve requests in the initially.
    • Requests can be escalated to managers, and then only people in the Managers Project Role can approve the request.

Recruitment Project details (RCMT)

  • Project Roles
    • Sarah [JIRA:HR]
  • issue types
    • technical sales position
    • marketing position
    • developer position
  • Create issue screen
    • summary
    • description
    • attachment
    • priority
    • date needed
  • components - San Francisco, Sydney, Amsterdam
  • versions - Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4
  • Only users in the Project Role 'Managers' can transition to 'Make Offer' step
  • * workflow to track all potential hires - Where are they in the process? Who did the phone interview? Did they reject the offer? Did they give a reason why?:

Plane Project details (PLN)

  • Project Roles
    • Project Lead: Christina [JIRA:admin]
  • issue types
    • task
    • improvement
  • workflow: same as JIRA default but added subtask blocking condition for 'Resolve Issue' and 'Close Issue' transitions: 

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Last modified on Nov 7, 2018

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