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After deleting a filter from JIRA, which had subscriptions prior to deletion, users continue to receive email notifications.


Run the following query and check if the filter still in the database:

SELECT * from searchrequest where filtername = '<name_of_filter>';

(info) All queries are written for MySQL.

This query will show all the filters which have subscriptions, it will show the id and name of the filter.

SELECT, fs.filter_i_d,, sr.filtername from filtersubscription fs, searchrequest sr where;


If the query shows a filter with the name you indicate, this means the filter still exist in your database but not in JIRA UI, it means it hasn't been deleted successfully. 

Note: If the deleted filter did not appear in database table 'filtersubscription', there will be no emails send out from current JIRA regarding this filter. In this case, you need to check if you have another instance running on the same database.


  • (info) Always backup your data by using the database backup tool before you do any changes to your database.

    Run the following query to delete the filter

    delete from filtersubscription where filter_i_d = (select id from searchrequest where filtername = '<name_of_filter>');

    Restart JIRA and do a Re-index (Administration > System > Index)

  • Removing the entry manually from the filtersubscription table does not remove the corresponding entry from the clusteredjob table. So the entry in clusteredjob table also needs to be removed. If a subscription is deleted from UI, it deletes the entries in both the tables.

Last modified on Jun 1, 2018

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