Linking Epic Status to the Epic Issue Status

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An Epic is a bit different from normal issue statuses in JIRA. This is because it has an Epic Status as well as an Epic Issue Status.

This field is hidden by default.

By default this field has the following values:

  • To Do
  • In Progress
  • Done

This article will explain how to link the Epic Status to the Status of the Software Simplified Workflow.


We will achieve this by creating a new workflow and associating it to the Epic Issue Type.


Make sure that you are clear on which Workflow Statuses map to which Epic Statuses, and that they are created prior to starting this exercise. In addition, you'll need the JIRA Suite Utilities plugin.

Prior to making this or any other major change, back up your data!

Step 1: Copy your Existing Workflow

1. Navigate to Administration > Issues > Workflows

2. Copy the Workflow associated to your existing project.

3. Rename the Workflow

Step 2: Add the Post Functions

 (!) Please note in this example we are using the Software Simplified Workflow, the name of your transitions may be different.

  1. Select the All transition

  2. Click Post Functions
  3. Click Add post function
  4. Select Update Issue Custom Field and press Add
  5. Select the Epic Status from the Issue Custom Field dropdown
  6. Add the Custom Field Value, this should match the Status which the transition is associated with.
    (If you are adding the transition for To Do, fill in To Do, for Done, fill in Done, etc.)
  7. Click Add

Repeat Step 2 for all the Statuses on your workflow.

Step 3: Associating the Workflow with the Epic Issue Type

  1. Go to Administration > Issues > Workflow Schemes
  2. Click Edit for the workflow associated with your project
  3. Select Add Workflow > Add Existing and then choose your new workflow
  4. Select the Epic issue type
  5. Publish your new Workflow

Afterwards, when you change the status of the Issue, the Epic Status will reflect the Issue Workflow status.

Last modified on Jul 29, 2019

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