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Platform notice: Server and Data Center only. This article only applies to Atlassian products on the server and data center platforms.

About the Health Check

This check ensures your JIRA Version is currently Supported. The End Of Life Health Check compares your current System Date with the recored End of Life (EOL) date of the product version currently running and reports an error if the version is EOL. The check will pass until 6 months before the product is about to become EOL when it will report a warning. Once the EOL date has been reached the check will fail. 

Understanding the Results

What this means
The current JIRA Version <Version> is not near End of Life. This version will be End of Life in <Days> days.The version has the reported number of days available before it becomes End of Life.
Unable to verify the End of Life date for version <Version>. The check has not been performed.The Health Check could not verify the End of Life date for the JIRA version, as it was not able to locate it.
The current JIRA Version <Version> is approaching End Of Life. This version will be End of Life in <Days> days.The End of Life date for the product is approaching. We recommend that you begin planning for upgrade.
The current JIRA version <Version> has reached End of Life. Please Upgrade your instance to a current version.The End of Life date has been reached for the product you are running. You are running on an unsupported version of JIRA and should upgrade.
The EOL Health Check failed with an the error. Please check the logs.

The Health Check did not run successfully. This indicates a systematic issue.
Please check that:

  1. There are no Incompatible Add-ons running
  2. The System Time on the server is correctly configured.
  3. You are running a valid version of JIRA. 

Otherwise, contact Atlassian Support for further assistance with this error.


Atlassian supports major versions for two years after the first major iteration of that version was released (for example, we support JIRA 6.4.5 for 2 years after JIRA 6.4.0 was released). Our Atlassian Support End of Life Policy has further details on product lifecycle.

We recommend that Administrators upgrade Atlassian products to take advantage of the latest product improvements and capabilities. Atlassian does not provide support for instances on versions that are End of Life with the exception of problems and queries related to upgrading your End of Life product to a new version.

You will require an active license to upgrade to a new version of JIRA.

We recommend that you plan to upgrade your JIRA environment before reaching End of Life. Our Documentation in: Upgrading JIRA has full details on the approaches that can be used to upgrade your product.

Last modified on May 28, 2019

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