Managing incompatible add-ons

(info) This feature is available for UPM version 2.16+

From time to time, an add-on might become incompatible with your Atlassian product instance. These add-ons are indicated with a status like INCOMPATIBLE or INCOMPATIBLE - UPDATE AVAILABLE

This page describes what these statuses mean, and what you can do to keep your Atlassian application running smoothly.

About incompatible add-ons

An add-on is deemed incompatible with your product instance when its version hasn't been explicitly marked as compatible by the add-on author. This could be a clerical error, or the add-on could truly be incompatible with your product version. In most cases, incompatible add-ons continue to work, but in others the add-on's functionality is lost or compromised. Here are possible scenarios raised by add-ons detected as incompatible:

  • In most cases, the add-on continues to work 
    You may see broken links or deprecated add-on performance, but overall, the add-on works as expected.
  • The add-on stops working
    If the add-on stops working all together, we recommend disabling the add-on for Atlassian Server applications or uninstalling the add-on for Atlassian Cloud applications.
  • The add-on can cause Atlassian product performance degradation
    In some cases, you might see your Atlassian host product performance slow down. If this happens, we recommend disabling the add-on for Atlassian Server applications or uninstalling the add-on for Atlassian Cloud applications.

The UPM shows you when an add-on is incompatible and an update is available, or when it's incompatible and it doesn't see an update you can use. Here's an example of both:

Messages and lozenges show incompatible add-ons

Update options

As you've probably surmised, sometimes the answer is easy – just click Update and you're all set. Any time you see the INCOMPATIBLE - UPDATE AVAILABLE status, you can follow this step as a system administrator. 

If you see only the INCOMPATIBLE lozenge and a Request update button, click Request update to send a message to the vendor. You'll see the following dialog appear: 

Dialog for vendor feedback

When you click Request update, the vendor receives your product name and version number as well as your comment. In some cases, the add-on is already compatible but needs to be listed accordingly in the Atlassian Marketplace

If the vendor doesn't provide an update

Vendors should be responsive to requests for compatibility. If more than a few weeks passes with no update (or the vendor responds that they won't be updating the add-on), it's a good idea to disable or uninstall the add-on.

Of course, if you're not using the add-on, we recommend uninstalling it.

Last modified on Feb 26, 2018

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