Checking app compatibility with application updates

When you're planning an update to your Atlassian application, you can check the compatibility of your user-installed apps (also known as add-ons or plugins) with the target application version. This helps you identify potential compatibility issues before you start the update. We recommend carefully testing updates in a staging environment before deploying to production, but using the app update check can help save you time and effort during the update itself.  

Add-on update check available in online-mode applications

The update check is only available in host applications in online mode that can contact the Atlassian Marketplace site.

Checking app compatibility

To check compatibility of your apps:

  1. From the top navigation bar in your application, choose Apps > Manage apps.
  2. Click (Product name) update check from the bottom of the page. For example, this might be Confluence update check or JIRA update check.
  3. In the Check compatibility for update to menu, choose the version you'd like to check against your installed apps.
    You'll see a menu showing subsequent versions of your Atlassian applications:

  4. Click Check.
    You'll see a results page similar to this one: 

You can click the name of any app to view more information.

Version compatibility results

After performing the compatibility check, UPM provides results by listing your apps into the following categories:  


The installed versions of these apps are not compatible with your selected application version, and there aren't any updates available that are compatible with your selected application version.

CompatibleThese currently installed app versions are compatible with your selected application version.
Compatible, if updated

Installed versions of these apps aren't compatible with your selected application version, but they will be compatible if you update them.

Compatible once both are updated

Installed versions of these apps aren't compatible with the selected application version, but there's an app version that is compatible with the newer application version. The new version of the app isn't compatible with your current application, so you'll need to upgrade the application and then the app.

Last modified on Sep 17, 2018

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