Sprint picker field might cause performance issues

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Using the Sprint picker field (either in search or when creating or editing issues) results in performance issues on large Jira instances that have thousands of sprints.

Read more about this problem:  JSWSERVER-20445 - Getting issue details... STATUS


Jira suggest sprints based on your history—it will always show the last five sprints that you viewed. If your history doesn't have enough sprints, Jira retrieves all existing sprints and then calculates which are the best suggestions for you. On large instances with thousands of sprints, retrieving and calculating those sprints results in high CPU usage.


You can use a dark feature flag to disable retrieving additional sprints. The sprint suggestions will be based only on your history. Note that if you haven't viewed any sprints recently, you won't see suggestions at all.

To disable retrieving additional sprints, enable the following dark feature:


Read more about this dark feature:  JSWSERVER-20494 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Last modified on Oct 29, 2020

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