How to view stories in a closed sprint

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Issue Summary

Sometimes, there is a need to find stories, issues, bugs, etc that were included in a sprint that has already been completed. Jira Software does not have a quick way to do this from its own UI.


  • First, you will need to identify the name of the close sprint from which you need to look for stories. If you don't remember the name of this Sprint, you can use either method:
    • Method 1:
      • Go to the Jira Software Project from which the Sprint was created
      • Go to the Project Report Page and select Sprint Report 
      • From the Sprint Report page, click on the Sprint dropdown: you will see the list of all the closed sprints that were created from this project:
    • Method 2:
      • Log into the Jira Database
      • Run the following SQL query to find the list of all the Sprints that have been closed. (warning) Note that this SQL query was written and test for a PostgreSQL database, and will need to be adjusted for other types of Databases:

        select * from "AO_60DB71_SPRINT" where "CLOSED" = true;
  • Once you know the name of the Sprint, use the the advanced search feature in Jira's Issue Navigator (from the page Issues > Search for Issues), and construct a JQL statement to find the issues that belong to a certain sprint:

    Sprint = "<name of sprint>"

    (warning) For more information on searching for issues using JQL, check out Advanced Searching.

Last modified on Aug 18, 2022

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