Share plan and export data from Advanced Roadmaps

When you’re ready, you can export your data to a .csv file that you can import into a different program such as Excel, or share your plan with relevant stakeholders in a variety of ways.

Share your plan

When you share your plan, any view settings that you've applied will be visible to all viewers. For this reason, we recommend cleaning up your view, including turning off warnings, before sharing your plan. 

There are three different ways to share a plan:

Embed your plan on a Confluence page

The Advanced Roadmaps in Confluence app is included with Confluence DC versions 7.20 and later.

If you're using a Confluence DC version between 6.5.0 and 7.19, your Confluence administrator must download and install the app from the Atlassian Marketplace. Ensure that your Confluence DC instance is using version 1.2.3 or newer. View and download in the Atlassian Marketplace

The Advanced Roadmaps plans macro for Confluence automatically updates your Advanced Roadmaps plan whenever you save your changes.

It's possible to use the HTML macro to add your roadmap to a Confluence page. However, we do not recommend using this method as it makes your Confluence instance vulnerable to cross-scripting attacks. Learn more.

To use the macro in a Confluence page:

  1. On the Roadmap tab, select Share (next to Review changes).
  2. In the left menu, select Confluence > Generate link, and copy the generated link.
  3. Navigate to the page where you’d like to insert your roadmap. Insert a macro, select the Advanced Roadmaps plan macro, and paste the generated link from the previous step.
  4. Choose a height setting for the macro to display on the page, then select Insert.

We recommend a minimum height of 700px for the best viewing experience.

Embed your plan on a non-Confluence page

You can embed your current plan in a non-Confluence page by generating embedded element code. To generate the code:

  1. On the Roadmap tab, select Share (next to Review changes).
  2. In the left menu, select Embed. This will generate an embed code that you can add to any page, though viewers must have permission to view your plan.

To share a direct link for your plan:

  1. On the Roadmap tab, select Share (next to Review changes).
  2. In the left menu, select Link. This will generate a link that you can share with anyone, though they must have permission to view your plan.

Export your data

The Export your data to a .csv file function was introduced in Advanced Roadmaps version 3.23. If you’re using an earlier version of Advanced Roadmaps, this process may be different or not available in your instance.

To export your plan data, go to Export > Spreadsheet (.csv). This will generate a .csv file of the plan’s data based on the current filters and hierarchy range applied to the plan.

Last modified on Sep 2, 2022

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